SEC’s Gary Gensler Wants a Clean Slate Approach to Crypto

SEC Chair Gensler’s speech reflects on past leaders, signaling regulatory shifts, amidst critiques on crypto handling and enforcement strategies.

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  • Gary Gensler has recently unveiled a new approach, challenging the SEC’s traditional stance.
  • Quotes from past SEC leaders have hinted at Gensler’s strategic direction.
  • Public perception and judicial clashes have cast shadows on Gensler’s regulatory methods.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler adopted a candid stance during a recent speech, emphasizing that the SEC doesn’t operate as an adversary to legitimate businesses, aiming to refrain from premature judgments.

Gensler’s Vow to Fight Securities Fraud

Delivering his remarks at the 2023 Securities Enforcement Forum, Gensler drew inspiration from previous SEC leaders, spotlighting statements that shaped his perspective. 

One such figure was Joe Kennedy, whose words resonated with Gensler:


“The Commission will make war without quarter on any who sell securities by fraud or misrepresentation.” 

Gensler’s nod to Kennedy’s words might be perceived as a veiled critique directed towards specific cryptocurrency enterprises. He further referenced Kennedy’s subsequent statement made months later:

"We are not prosecutors of honest business, nor defenders of crookedness. We are partners of honest business & prosecutors of dishonesty. We shall not prejudge, but we shall investigate.”

Gensler Faces Judicial Scrutiny

Seemingly aligning himself with these sentiments, Gensler likely aimed to portray his tenure at the SEC in a positive light. Facing criticism from both the public and the judicial system for his handling of certain cases, Gensler might have sought a favorable spotlight.

However, drawing on quotes from a respected past SEC chairman might not be sufficient enough to mask the current chairman’s apparent deficiencies. Recent court criticisms in the Ripple and Grayscale cases have underscored Gensler’s incapacity to depend solely on his ‘regulation by enforcement’ strategy to manage the intricacies of overseeing all cryptocurrency ventures.

On the Flipside

  • While Gensler aims to distance himself from a prosecutorial image, recent court rebukes in cases like Ripple and Grayscale reveal limitations in his ‘regulation by enforcement’ strategy.
  • Gensler’s reference to past SEC chairmen’s statements as a selective narrative ignores the evolving landscape and complexities of modern crypto regulations.

Why This Matters

Chairman Gary Gensler’s speech emerges against the backdrop of recent setbacks faced by the SEC in various court battles. This address serves as a strategic move, potentially aimed at restoring confidence and repositioning the SEC’s authority following recent legal challenges.


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