Ripple vs SEC: The Lawsuit Plagued with More Delays

Ripple attorney John Deaton explains why Judge Torres is taking her time to rule on the SEC lawsuit.

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  • The Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit ruling has been delayed, causing concern among XRP supporters.
  • Ripple’s John Deaton says Judge Torres understood the gravity of the decision and wants to ensure she gets everything right.
  • Despite the frustration, he has urged patience and reassured Ripple supporters that the end is in sight.

There has been much speculation surrounding the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, with many hoping for a final verdict from Judge Analisa Torres this week. Unfortunately, the ruling has been further delayed, causing frustration among the XRP community. 

Judge Taking Time to Ensure the Right Decision

The delay in the decision-making process could hurt the price of XRP, prompting questions about why the period has been extended unnecessarily. Still, as of writing, the price seems unaffected. Ripple attorney John Deaton recently addressed these concerns in a video, explaining that Judge Torres is taking her time to ensure she gets everything right. 

Deaton believes that the judge understands the gravity of the lawsuit and carefully reviews all the details before making a final decision. This verdict could be the most significant decision of her career, with the potential to impact the finance industry in a big way.

Deaton acknowledges the pressure that Judge Torres must feel, given the decision’s magnitude. He notes that Ripple is sending a message to the judge, highlighting other cases that support their position and believes the ruling will ultimately be favorable. In the meantime, Deaton urges patience, assuring us that the end is almost in sight.

On the Flipside

  • John Deaton has been vocal on Twitter about the case. However, his views may not be entirely unbiased.
  • Regardless of the case’s outcome, it’s clear that the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit has significant implications for the crypto industry as a whole.
  • The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple has also highlighted the need for greater clarity around the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies. It has reignited debates about the role of government oversight in the industry.

Why You Should Care

The delay in the final verdict of the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit may be frustrating for the XRP community, but it’s crucial to ensure a fair and just outcome.

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Did Ripple win lawsuit?

The lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC is still ongoing, and a final decision has not yet been made.

What will be the price of XRP if they win lawsuit?

It’s difficult to predict the exact price of XRP if Ripple wins the lawsuit, as it depends on various factors such as market conditions and investor sentiment.

Did Ripple lose the case?

The SEC has accused Ripple of conducting an unregistered securities offering, but a final decision has not yet been made in the case.

What will happen if Ripple loses lawsuit?

If Ripple loses the lawsuit, it could have a negative impact on the price of XRP, as well as potentially set a precedent for how other cryptocurrencies are regulated.

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