Ripple Files Notice to SEC in Wake of Recent Binance Ruling

Ripple has called for clearer crypto regulations following a recent court decision impacting the SEC’s lawsuit against them.

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  • Ripple has urged for clearer guidelines in their legal battle with the SEC.
  • Ripple has argued that a recent ruling strengthened their case against the SEC.
  • Court decisions have blurred the lines between regulation and enforcement.

San Francisco-based blockchain company Ripple is pushing for clearer regulatory guidelines for cryptocurrencies following a recent court decision in an unrelated case. The move comes amid Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the classification of XRP, Ripple’s native token.

Ripple Leverages Binance Ruling

The crux of the issue lies in a June 28 ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The court partially sided with cryptocurrency exchange Binance, dismissing the SEC’s claims that certain digital asset sales constituted unregistered securities offerings. This decision, according to Ripple, hinges on the July 2023 summary judgment in the SEC vs Ripple Labs case.


In that case, Judge Analisa Torres differentiated between secondary market sales – where investors trade amongst themselves – and direct institutional sales by Ripple itself. Notably, the court ruled that XRP, as a tradable token, didn’t qualify as a security in the secondary market. 

However, the court left the door open for the SEC to pursue Ripple for its direct sales to institutions. This distinction between sale methods aligns with the Binance ruling, where Judge Amy Berman Jackson cited the Ripple case as precedent. 

This, according to Ripple, underscores the critical need for clear regulations that distinguish between different types of cryptocurrency transactions. Ripple further emphasizes a point raised by the court: the current SEC approach of relying on litigation to regulate the industry creates uncertainty for both companies and investors. 

Ripple Highlights Regulatory Uncertainty

The lack of clear guidelines makes it difficult to determine whether specific actions violate securities laws. Ripple argues that this very uncertainty weakens the SEC’s claim that they knowingly disregarded regulations with their XRP sales.


The implication here is that the SEC’s request for hefty fines – exceeding $2 billion – might be excessive in light of the unclear regulatory landscape. Currently, Ripple is locked in a separate dispute with the SEC concerning the appropriate remedies in the case.

The outcome of these legal battles will have significant implications for the entire cryptocurrency industry. Clearer regulations will not only provide much-needed guidance for companies like Ripple but also foster a more stable environment for investors navigating the ever-evolving digital asset market.

On the Flipside

  • Binance’s case focused on exchange listings, not securities sales. Ripple’s call for clear regulations may differ due to its direct institutional sales.
  • Even with clearer regulations, the SEC might still pursue Ripple for its direct XRP sales, arguing a violation occurred under the new guidelines.

Why This Matters

This back-and-forth between Ripple and the SEC highlights the urgent need for concrete regulations that differentiate between security-like token offerings and utility tokens used for facilitating transactions. Such clarity would establish a fairer legal ground for companies and create a more predictable environment for investors to navigate the crypto space.

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