Ripple and SEC Final Arguments Heard, What Comes Next?

The multi-billion dollar legal battle between Ripple and the SEC nears its conclusion, with major implications for cryptocurrency regulation.

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  • The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs nears its climax.
  • Experts are divided on whether Ripple will settle or fight the SEC in court.
  • The looming US elections add a layer of unpredictability.

The cryptocurrency industry holds its breath as the long-running legal battle between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) inches closer to a conclusion. The case, with potential fines reaching $2 billion, has far-reaching implications for crypto regulation and could set a precedent for future interactions between digital assets and the SEC.

Will Ripple Settle or Face an SEC Showdown?

While a final judgment is awaited, legal experts are divided on whether the case will culminate in a settlement or a court decision. Prominent figures like former SEC attorneys Marc Fagel and James Farrell believe an out-of-court resolution remains a possibility. 


However, Jeremy Hogan, a partner at Hogan & Hogan, suggests Ripple’s recent victories in court may make them less inclined to settle. A key point of contention involves the unsealing of filings by the SEC, which could influence the potential penalty amount. Ripple argues these historical contracts are irrelevant to the current case.

Experts also weigh in on the likelihood of an appeal by the SEC. Former SEC Crypto Enforcement Chief Kristina Littman believes the SEC may forgo appealing Judge Analisa Torres’ decision on XRP’s classification as a security. This strategy would maintain the ruling as a District Court opinion. 

Supporting this view, the Second Circuit Court’s recent ruling that secondary crypto sales aren’t securities strengthens Judge Torres’ decision. Industry voices like Coinbase’s CLO Paul Grewal hailed this as a major victory for crypto, while lawyer James Murphy argues the specific tokens in the Coinbase case differed from XRP. 

Further muddying the waters, Empower Oversight president Tristan Leavitt’s discovery of “no relevant records” responses from the SEC during a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has prompted a renewed effort to obtain more information.

Ripple Timeline and U.S. Election Impact

Lawyers like Fred Rispoli anticipate Judge Torres could deliver a final judgment on remedies and injunctions within 60 to 90 days of receiving the last briefs. This timeframe could potentially bypass the need for additional rulings on expert witnesses. 


However, considering ongoing developments and potential delays due to the upcoming U.S. elections, a final ruling is more likely expected between August and September. The legal battle has taken a financial toll on Ripple, with CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealing expenditures exceeding $200 million in defense costs. 

The SEC’s recent string of losses, including those against Ripple executives, adds to the regulatory body’s pressure. Now, XRP holders anxiously await the judge’s decision on the final judgment motions in the remedies phase.

The outcome of this case hinges not just on legal arguments but also on the broader political landscape. With the US elections looming, speculation swirls about potential shifts in leadership. If former President Trump returns to office and SEC Chair Gary Gensler steps down, the landscape for both Ripple and XRP could change dramatically. 

While the final classification of XRP remains uncertain, the mounting pressure on the SEC to resolve crypto-related cases could lead to a last-minute, low-profile settlement with Ripple. This landmark case will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the crypto industry, shaping its future regulatory environment.

On the Flipside

  • While Ripple has achieved some legal wins, the SEC could still prevail on the core issue of whether XRP is a security.
  • Even if the judge rules in favor of Ripple, the SEC may choose to appeal.
  • A new administration or a different SEC Chair could alter the regulatory approach towards Ripple and XRP.

Why This Matters

The Ripple vs. SEC case goes beyond just one company’s fate. It sets a precedent for how the SEC regulates all cryptocurrencies, impacting future interactions, potential fines, and the overall market’s legal landscape. This decision could influence how companies operate and how investors approach the crypto space in the coming years.

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