Ripple Fights Back Against the SEC’s Untimely Lawsuit Request

Ripple fires back at SEC’s document grab, calling it “untimely” and a “slippery slope” in legal battle over XRP.

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  • Ripple Labs has strategically challenged the SEC’s latest move.
  • Timing has become a pivotal battleground as Ripple has questioned the SEC’s sudden interest in post-lawsuit actions.
  • A nuanced perspective has emerged as Ripple has warned of a looming “slippery slope.”

Sparks are flying again in the long-running legal battle between Ripple Labs and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ripple has filed a forceful response to the SEC’s recent request to compel additional document production, arguing that the Commission’s demands are both untimely and irrelevant to the case.

In its motion, the SEC sought access to Ripple’s 2022 and 2023 financial statements and contracts related to XRP sales made after the initial lawsuit was filed in December 2020. However, Ripple sees this request as a backdoor attempt to expand the scope of the case and secure an unfair advantage.

Untimely Demands and a Change of Tune

Ripple’s first line of defense hinges on the timing of the SEC’s request. According to the firm, the Commission had ample opportunity to obtain these documents during the fact-discovery phase, which concluded in August 2021. Their failure to do so then, Ripple argues, means they lack a legitimate reason to seek them now.


Furthermore, Ripple points to a curious shift in the SEC’s stance on post-complaint discovery. During previous arguments, the Commission maintained that post-complaint events were irrelevant to the case. However, they seem eager to use Ripple’s actions after the lawsuit commenced as potential evidence of wrongdoing.

“The SEC should not be permitted to reverse course now,” Ripple’s lawyers argue, suggesting a possible gamesmanship on the part of the Commission.

Beyond Relevance: A Potential “Slippery Slope”

Beyond the timing issue, Ripple also contends that the SEC’s requests are simply irrelevant to the court’s determination of remedies in the case. The requested documents, they argue, have no bearing on whether or not Ripple violated securities laws, and seeking them now opens up a Pandora’s box of unnecessary complications.


Ripple fears that granting the SEC’s request would create a “slippery slope,” potentially leading to a “second full-blown litigation” focused solely on post-complaint actions. Such a scenario, they warn, would significantly delay the case and burden both parties and the court.

On the Flipside

  • The Commission adapting its stance could be viewed as a natural adjustment to the evolving complexities of the case.
  • Regardless of timing, any financial statements and contracts could unveil patterns or discrepancies relevant to the SEC’s concerns, justifying their pursuit.

Why This Matters

Ultimately, Ripple’s response concerns a fight for procedural fairness and a desire to ensure the court has all the necessary information before making judgments. They believe the SEC’s requests are premature and unwarranted, and granting them would complicate the case further.

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