Here Are Paris Blockchain Week’s Most Innovative Startups

Paris Blockchain Week saw a range of innovative startups expanding use cases for blockchain tech.

Woman squatting on a pile of blocks at the Louvre, where Paris Blockchain Week took place.
  • Companies at Paris Blockchain Week are creating tools to boost crypto adoption. 
  • Startups are working on use cases ranging from user security to developer tools. 
  • The growing blockchain startup space has seen rising demand for developers. 

The blockchain industry is headed for a strong 2023, judging by the showing at Paris Blockchain Week. Despite ongoing volatility and macroeconomic risks, crypto startups continue to build exciting and innovative projects.

From overhauling crypto security to making blockchain development radically simpler, here are some promising startups at the biggest blockchain event in Europe.

Web3 Antivirus – Boosting Crypto Security

Security is one of the primary concerns for new users entering the blockchain space. That’s an issue that Web3 Antivirus is trying to solve. This browser extension scans incoming blockchain transactions and blocks malicious ones.


Its proprietary tools and third-party oracles analyze incoming smart contracts for known malicious code. The goal is to ultimately build a comprehensive database and oracle network that would neutralize all blockchain malware.

Its founder, Alex Dulub, highlighted the importance of security tools in crypto for DailyCoin. He mentioned that even the most sophisticated crypto users become victims of scams.

To gain mass adoption, crypto needs to become more accessible to users. Tools like Web3 Antivirus could become an essential part of the crypto ecosystem by making crypto more secure.

QuickNode – Cloud Development for Blockchain

The growth of the DeFi space depends on blockchain developers. QuickNode is one startup that makes the lives of developers much easier.


QuickNode offers a cloud-based service enabling developers to host decentralized applications on major blockchain networks easily.

Radek Sienkiewicz, Developer Advocate at QuickNode, explained that services like theirs radically simplify blockchain development. Instead of running their own nodes, developers can use designated nodes by QuickNode.

While this practice adds a level of centralization, it also reduces the barrier to entry for blockchain development. This enables more people to start their own decentralized applications and crypto projects.

Alyra – Teaching a New Generation of Blockchain Professionals

Web3 startups are rapidly discovering new use cases for crypto and blockchain. To make these a reality, startups need many skilled blockchain professionals.

One company that aims to fill that gap is Alyra, a French-based blockchain educational company. This “blockchain school” offers courses ranging from blockchain development to decentralized finance and blockchain consulting.

Blockchain developer and instructor Cyril Castagnet told DailyCoin that interest in blockchain education is high. His course on blockchain development teaches developers how to transition to working on Web3 projects. 

More and more developers are pursuing a career in blockchain tech. In January 2023, industry data shows that the number of Ethereum developers has never been higher. 

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