How to Use Polygon Copilot, Polygon’s New ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot

Polygon Pilot allows users to ask Polygon-specific and web3 general questions.

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  • Users can ask Polygon Copilot Polygon-specific and general Web3 questions.
  • They can also mint NFTs with the help of the chatbot.
  • Some have criticized Polygon Copilot.

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution seems to be getting traction, with venture capitalists pouring money into AI companies and people increasingly relying on AI tools like ChatGPT.

The blockchain world is also starting to embrace AI. On Wednesday, Polygon released a new ChatGPT-powered chatbot. Here’s what it is and how it works.

What Is Polygon Copilot?

Polygon Copilot is an AI chatbot built by Layer-E that allows users to ask questions about Polygon and get almost instant answers. Users can also ask questions about web3 and crypto in general.

Polygon revealed that Polygon Copilot is an important feature of Polygon 2.0, a new network of zero-knowledge-powered chains that will transform how Polygon operates.

Polygon Copilot will help users understand how the new chains work and where to find more information.

“Trained on the extensive documentation of Polygon protocols, Polygon Copilot provides valuable insights, analytics, and guidance across different aspects of the ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to grasp the basics or explore advanced features, Polygon Copilot caters to users of all levels.”

Under the hood, Polygon Copilot is powered by ChatGPT-4 and has a few interesting features.

How Polygon Copilot Works

Polygon Copilot is powered by ChatGPT-4, Open AI’s newest AI language model that scans the internet and Polygon’s documentation to find answers to users’ questions.

Users can choose from three personas: Beginner, advanced, and degen. Each of these will present the answers in its own unique way, catering to different user needs.

Additionally, Polygon Copilot can provide analytics and insights across NFTs, DeFi, and wallets, as well as minting NFTs on Polygon zkEVM and PoS chains within the interface.

On top of that, users themselves can report inconsistent or wrong answers generated by the chatbot and be rewarded.

“Polygon Copilot’s responses are limited to avoid spamming and computation load. However, users can earn more credits by performing social tasks such as sharing feedback or contributing to improving the offering. Some lucky users may receive secret codes from partners that can be redeemed for additional credits.”

Polygon Copilot is already live and can be used by everyone. Users only need to connect their wallets to the website and prompt the chatbot.

On the Flipside

  • Some users have already complained that Polygon Copilot is giving inaccurate answers.

Why This Matters

An AI-powered chatbot can help user onboarding and allow developers to find documentation easier.

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