Arturas Skur

Arturas Skur

Crypto Reporter


Arturas Skur is a cryptocurrency news reporter at DailyCoin focused on Web 3.0 domains, DeFi, and Ethereum Layer-2s. Arturas believes blockchain technology has the potential to transform how we see and interact with society, economy, and culture.

Arturas has spend more than 5 years in journalism and public relations, and brings a wealth of experience to the DailyCoin team. Prior to joining DailyCoin, Arturas has worked as a freelance reporter, content writer, and a public relations specialist. The diverse work experience has allowed Arturas to see crypto media from different perspectives.

Arturas holds a BA in English from Vilnius University. His strong critical thinking and analytical abilities, as well as the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively, has allowed him to develop an appreciation for the societal impact and cultural significance of the crypto sector, which he brings to the fore in his work with DailyCoin.

Arturas spends his spare time hiking, playing with his dog, and reading. He has been active in blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2020.