How Does VeChain’s New SDK Simplify Software Development?

Furthering its “Blockchain For Our Better World” vision, VeChain introduces a new SDK to streamline the dApp creation process.

Sunny Lu of Vechain talks development progress.
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  • VeChain launches new SDK.
  • The SDK aims to take the platform’s development infrastructure forward.
  • There is a well-defined path for dApp development.

VeChain has undergone a transformative journey, initially starting as an enterprise-focused blockchain platform to expand into a sustainable layer-1 solution poised to tackle broader societal challenges beyond economics.

In pursuit of its “Blockchain For Our Better World” vision, VeChain has unveiled a new software development kit (SDK) designed to encourage software developers to participate in fulfilling the company’s vision.

VeChain’s New SDK Goes Live

VeChain takes a significant step forward in realizing its “Blockchain For Our Better World” vision by launching its new SDK. VeChain’s whitepaper 3.0 laid out the pivotal role of multi-stakeholder contributions, including developers’ involvement in addressing issues to transform the project’s ambitious vision into a tangible reality.


According to VeChain, developers bring invaluable expertise in programming languages and intricate smart contract creation, making their involvement key to VeChain’s future success. The newly launched SDK provides a comprehensive toolkit, equipping developers with all the necessary resources to create software applications tailored for the VeChain ecosystem.

Simplicity is at the core of this SDK’s design, ensuring a seamless and accessible development experience to make the process as easy as possible. 

"Whether enterprise client or Web3 native, having a powerful SDK makes the development journey seamless,” stated VeChain.

By prioritizing a user-friendly approach, VeChain aims to attract a diverse range of developers to harness the full potential of the VeChainThor blockchain through a streamlined development journey facilitated by the new SDK.

The Development Journey

The development journey with VeChain’s SDK follows a well-defined path, guiding creators through each crucial step. The first phase involves designing the bones of the dApp, outlining its functionality, user interface, and desired features. 


Once the design is finalized, developers must build the smart contract, which leverages the Solidity programming language to define the dApp’s logic and behavior. VeChain’s SDK offers seamless integration with tools like Remix and Hardhat, empowering developers to build and deploy smart contracts easily and enabling access to a suite of pre-existing smart contracts for inspiration.

The next phase focuses on the front-end development of the dApp, where developers bring their creations to life with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, devs can craft an intuitive user experience. VeChain’s SDK simplifies this process with the inclusion of the DappKit, a tool that streamlines the integration of VeChain wallets, handling login logic and ensuring a seamless connection with all compatible wallets.

To ensure a secure and reliable dApp, VeChain encourages rigorous testing before launching to the mainnet. Developers can leverage the VeChainThor Solo Node, a localized testing environment that mimics the live blockchain, to identify and resolve potential issues. Additionally, the SDK provides access to the Devpal suite of tools designed to facilitate development and testing workflows.

On the Flipside

  • VeChain developer activity has tailed off significantly since its November 2019 peak.
  • While SDKs aim to simplify development, they also raise questions about potential trade-offs between ease of use and maintaining decentralization principles.

Why This Matters

Ultimately, the impact of VeChain’s new SDK will be measured by the quality and diversity of the emerging dApps. By simplifying the development process, VeChain has opened the door for a broader range of creators to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology on its platform, potentially unlocking new use cases and previously inaccessible solutions.

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