Polygon (MATIC) Labs To Scale DApp Development With New Tool

Polygon Labs unveils a new product to simplify the DApp development process for EVM chains.

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  • Polygon (MATIC) Labs has unveiled a new tool for developers.
  • The tool dubbed DApp Launchpad promises to simplify the dApp development process for EVM chains.
  • Polygon (MATIC) Labs urged developers to consider launching on Polygon.

Over the past year, the Polygon (MATIC) Labs team has been working hard, releasing new features, tools, and technological feats at a staggering rate. Barely a month after the firm announced the development of a new zero-knowledge proving system in partnership with StarkWare, developers of the Starknet protocol, the firm is back again with a new tool promising to unlock DApp development at scale.

Polygon (MATIC) Labs Unveils DApp Launchpad

To make the development of DApps easier and faster, on Thursday, March 21, Polygon (MATIC) Labs announced the release of the dApp Launchpad, describing it as a command-line interface to abstract the complexities of building DApps on EVM chains.

At the core of the dApp Launchpad are three main features. These features include an automated environment setup allowing developers to get started with the actual coding with minimal fuss, seamless front-end and smart contract integration that automatically allows smart contract changes to reflect on the front-end, and DApp deployment through a single command.


Beyond the benefits for developers, Polygon (MATIC) Labs also seeks to use the tool to bolster activity in its multichain ecosystem.

Polygon (MATIC) Lab Talks up the AggLayer

Central to Polygon’s growing multichain ecosystem is an interoperability protocol dubbed the Aggregation Layer, or AggLayer, promising to unlock unified liquidity for Layer 2 chains either built with Polygon’s proprietary stack, the CDK, or using its newly launched Type 1 prover with “near-instant” and “atomic transactions.”

In February 2024, version 1 of the AggLayer went live, offering users a taste of what the protocol can do. Regarding the AggLayer benefits, Polygon (MATIC) Labs urged developers to build on Polygon.


“Building a dApp today on Polygon PoS, one of the most adopted chains in the world, or choosing to launch on the performant Polygon zkEVM chain, means developers will tap a future constellation of aggregated blockchains and all the network effects that entails.”

The Polygon multichain ecosystem has already seen interest from over 20 projects, most still in development. Popular names include Astar, Manta Pacific, and Flipkart.

On the Flipside

  • Despite Polygon’s technological advancements, the price of the network’s native token, MATIC, continues to concern investors. Over the past few days, the asset’s price has slipped below the keenly watched $1 price level.

Why This Matters

The newly launched dApp Launchpad promises to encourage the development of more novel crypto tools. At the same time, abstracting away the complexities of DApp development could minimize bugs and reduce the chances of hacks.

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