How VeChain’s New Token Rewards Sustainability

VeChain announces the VeBetter ecosystem, backed by the $B3TR token, to incentivize sustainable behavior.

Sunny Lu planting plants in the new VeChain landscape.
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  • VeChain unveils its big announcement at the Mobile World Conference. 
  • The VeBetter ecosystem aims to make sustainability profitable.
  • A new $B3TR token will underpin the ecosystem.

VeChain stoked a wave of anticipation following a recent tweet promising “a big announcement” at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this week. On February 28, company co-founder Sunny Lu unveiled a new token-based “circular ecosystem for sustainability” dubbed VeBetter. 

VeChain’s Circular Ecosystem

According to a VeChain release shared with DailyCoin, the VeBetter circular ecosystem aims to shake up sustainability by rewarding collective action for positive impact.  The platform seeks to create greater economic and real-world value for businesses and consumers to drive positive environmental and societal impact.

Underpinning this ecosystem will be X-2-Earn applications, with the X representing a sustainable action. Rewards for participating in sustainable actions take the form of $B3TR tokens, which will be spendable with businesses operating in the VeBetter ecosystem.

“VeBetter’s mission is to empower enterprises and individuals to act more sustainably on a daily basis and multiply their collective impact,” read the VeChain release.

VeBetterDAO to Manage VeBetter

The VeBetter ecosystem will be overseen by the VeBetterDAO, which will facilitate decentralized governance through $B3TR holders rather than VeChain or its leadership team.


VeBetterDAO is tasked with developing the X-2-Earn landscape, including funding and supporting developers building X-2-Earn applications and other aspects to ensure VeBetter’s commercial success.

VeBetter is pitched toward younger investors, such as millennials and Gen Z’ers, who typically prioritize ethical consumption and sustainability issues. 

Sustainability Vision

Sustainability lies at the heart of VeChain’s approach to blockchain technology and is a key differentiator from other platforms. Its VechainThor blockchain utilizes a unique Proof of Authority consensus model that balances the speed, security, and scalability with low energy impact.


This focus on sustainability powers VeChain’s overarching vision to leverage digital innovation to unite enterprises, individuals, and institutions in pursuit of a “more inclusive and equitable world.”

On the Flipside

  • There is growing pushback against sustainability based on its association with nefarious agendas.
  • BlackRock CEO Larry Fink acknowledged that the term Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) has become politically “weaponized.
  • Details of $B3TR’s tokenomics, including distribution and supply, remain unknown.

Why This Matters

VeChain’s goal of tying sustainability and profitability together has the potential to move the needle on environmental concerns. If realized globally, this emergent model could incentivize the mass behavioral shift required for societies to pave a brighter future.

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