FTX Lawsuit Catches Up with Shaquille O’Neal at Atlanta Residence

Lawyers from Moskowitz law firm served Shaquille O’Neal with a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit outside his residence.

Shaquille O'Neal smiling in front of a burning FTX exchange.
  • Shaquille O’Neal was part of the 13 defendants in the billion-dollar class action lawsuit against FTX. 
  • Since December, lawyers have been chasing the NBA superstar to serve him the official notice. 

The FTX debacle continues to haunt everyone involved, especially the A-list celebrities and crypto influencers who were paid to promote the exchange’s products and initiatives. Lawyers are knocking on everyone’s doors, slapping them with class-action lawsuits. 

However, they have been finding it difficult to catch NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, despite trying about 20 times. It appears the 21st time was the charm, as lawyers finally caught up with the elusive 7-foot giant.

Shaqtoshi Down

Shaquille O’Neal, dubbed “Shaqtoshi” in the infamous FTX commercial, was on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit against FTX promoters, filed by attorneys Adam Moskowitz and David Boies in December 2022. 


The court filing alleged the NBA superstar, as well as NFL Legend Tom Brady, Golden State Warrior Point Guard Steph Curry, and eleven others promoted and actively participated in a fraudulent scheme. 

While lawyers could catch up with the remaining 13 names mentioned in the filing, they struggled to pin down O’Neal, the sole remaining defendant in the case. This resulted in the firm requesting to serve the NBA star electronically; however, the Florida judge denied the motion. 

Despite being in the public eye, the sports star-turned-DJ successfully evaded the process servers at his offices, homes, and even shows for over five months.


However, Lawyers from Moskowitz finally served the former basketball player with the billion-dollar class-action lawsuit outside his Atlanta residence on Monday, April 17. Adam M. Moskowitz, the attorney leading the case, publicly asserted to O’Neal that he should keep the recordings of their service for the lawsuit and refrain from erasing them. 

Moskowitz and his firm were given an ultimatum to serve O’Neal by Monday. If they hadn’t given the NBA superstar the official notice, the judge overlooking the case would have allowed the class action without him. 

On The Flipside

  • FTX has recovered nearly $7.3 billion and plans to relaunch its business in 2024
  • Crypto influencer Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong was also named in the lawsuit by Moskowitz. The personality publicly stated he wouldn’t be showing up to court. 

Why You Should Care

Celebrities are still reaping the horrors of endorsing the disgraced exchange. The FTX fiasco could teach A-list celebrities to perform due diligence before promoting shady initiatives to millions of their fans. 

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