Coinbase Played a “Key Role” in ETF Approvals, CEO States

Coinbase gobbles up the Bitcoin ETF market, emerging as a key bridge between crypto and traditional finance.

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  • Coinbase has solidified its position as the top custodian for Bitcoin ETFs, capturing most of the market.
  • The success of Bitcoin ETFs has fueled expectations that even larger players will enter the space.
  • Coinbase has ambitious plans for 2024, including further expansion and the introduction of new products.

According to recent revelations, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has carved a significant niche in the rapidly growing Bitcoin ETF market, securing a whopping 90% of its total investment funds. This dominance, unveiled by CEO Brian Armstrong during the company’s Q4 2023 earnings call, highlights Coinbase’s growing influence in bridging the gap between traditional finance and the crypto world.

Coinbase Claims Bitcoin ETF Custody Crown

The Bitcoin ETF market has experienced explosive growth, currently holding the second-largest spot amongst commodity ETFs with a total value of $37 billion. By serving as custodian for eight of the eleven recently launched Bitcoin spot ETFs, Coinbase has positioned itself as a central player in this burgeoning space. 

These custodial partnerships include industry giants like BlackRock, Ark Invest, Bitwise, and Grayscale. But what exactly does being a custodian entail? In essence, Coinbase acts as a regulated financial institution safeguarding the underlying Bitcoin assets backing these ETFs. This adds a layer of security and trust.


This strategic move aligns with Coinbase’s broader aim of facilitating cryptocurrency adoption by established financial players. With the success and stability of these initial Bitcoin spot ETFs demonstrating promise, many experts anticipate even bigger names entering the fray, potentially leading to even larger milestones for Coinbase.

Beyond its custodial dominance, the exchange boasts other accomplishments from Q4 2023. These include the successful launch of its international wing and the Base layer-2 blockchain solution. Additionally, Coinbase cut annual costs by 45% while generating a robust income of $3.1 billion.

Coinbase CEO Unveils Bold Vision for 2024

Looking ahead, Armstrong outlines ambitious plans for 2024. International expansion remains a key focus, alongside the introduction of new derivative products. He also envisions transforming the Coinbase wallet into a “super app” to drive the adoption of crypto payments.


Finally, regulatory clarity remains a crucial battleground for Coinbase. Armstrong reiterates the exchange’s commitment to advocating for clear, well-defined regulations within the crypto space. He emphasizes Coinbase’s willingness to explore all avenues to achieve this goal, including legal action and engagement with federal legislators.

On the Flipside

  • While Coinbase’s dominance brings efficiency, it concentrates a vast amount of Bitcoin in one entity, raising concerns about systemic risk.
  • A security breach or operational failure at Coinbase could significantly impact the entire Bitcoin ETF market.

Why This Matters

Coinbase is a major player in the evolving crypto ecosystem, and its success in the Bitcoin ETF market, along with its ambitious plans for the future, paints a picture of a company poised to play a central role in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

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