Bitget Joins Crypto Apps Getting Apple’s Temporary Boot

Bitget joins the list of crypto apps to get the temporary boot from Apple’s App Store.

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  • Bitget was recently booted off Apple’s App Store.
  • The reason for the hours-long time out continues to puzzle users.
  • The inexplicable removal of crypto apps from the Apple App Store is becoming a worrying trend.

Crypto apps and the mobile application stores that host them, particularly the Apple App Store, have not always had the best relationship. Amid complaints over the platform’s high tax on in-app purchases, there has also been a growing trend of crypto applications being inexplicably ousted from the platform for hours at a time, leaving millions of users in the lurch.

The recent hours-long disappearance of Bitget’s application on the platform has again raised discussions and concerns around the issue.

Bitget Gets the Apple App Store Boot?

At around 2 am UTC on Wednesday, January 31, reports surfaced on X that Bitget had been removed from the Apple App Store, sparking significant concern amongst users who worried about the move’s implications.

But as users struggled to come to terms with the Bitget app’s disappearance and implications, the application reappeared on the platform after an estimated six-hour downtime.

The reasons for this disappearance remain a mystery, as have other instances where crypto apps have disappeared from the App Store. DailyCoin contacted Bitget regarding the reason for the application’s removal, but the firm declined to comment.

It is the second time the exchange’s application has been removed from the App Store this month. However, in the first instance, a Bitget spokesperson told DailyCoin that the firm was only performing scheduled maintenance.

A Worrying Trend?

Bitget is the second major crypto application to disappear from the Apple App Store in the past three months. In October 2023, MetaMask also performed a brief disappearing act on Apple’s App Store. The application’s team had assured users it was a temporary time-out without disclosing the reason.

Trust Wallet also experienced a similar issue in 2022. Aside from the inconvenience caused to users, the frequent disappearance of crypto apps on the Apple App Store also increases the chances of users falling victim to fraudulent clone applications.

On the Flipside 

  • The Bitget Wallet application was not affected.
  • The reason for Bitget’s App Store removal remains unknown.

Why This Matters

The frequent removal of crypto applications like Bitget from the Apple App Store raises concern among crypto industry participants and increases the chances of users falling victim to scams.

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