MetaMask Reappears on Apple App Store After Brief Exit

MetaMask’s temporary time-out from the Apple App Store stirs panic among its 30 million users.

A man wearing a suit and a MetaMask logo mask
  • MetaMask was recently kicked out of the Apple App Store. 
  • Apple service policies are likely the culprit. 
  • MetaMask shared that it was a temporary time-out. 

In a surprising twist, the Apple App Store unceremoniously gave Ethereum’s premier wallet, MetaMask, the boot, sparking worry over its uncertain fate. This unexpected eviction sent shockwaves among its colossal user base, spanning 30 million. 

However, before panic could fully set in, the wallet quickly reassured their community that this was just a minor hiccup and a solution was already in the works. 

MetaMask’s Magic Act

On October 14, Metamask abruptly went offline on Apple’s App Store for several hours. Users were left hanging, unable to download the app from the official website either. As tensions increased, MetaMask swiftly reassured everyone, clarifying it wasn’t related to any security incident and was just a temporary time-out. 

According to reports, Apple’s service policies were likely the culprit behind the sudden eviction. The platform forbids apps from running unrelated background processes such as crypto mining

MetaMask’s notice.

At press time, the Ethereum wallet has resurfaced on the Apple App Store; users can also download the app from the official website now. Steering users away from harm’s way, MetaMask cautioned users to dodge fake apps that bubbled up during its brief hiatus. 

This isn’t the first time MetaMask has faced friction with marketplaces. In December 2019, Google Play’s app store kicked the app for allegedly violating the company’s financial services guidelines.  

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

MetaMask’s sudden exit can shape a worrying trend for other crypto-based wallets on the Apple App Store. 

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