Brian Danga

Brian Danga

Crypto Reporter


Brian Danga is a Kenyan crypto reporter focused on breaking news and developments from across the cryptocurrency sphere.


Prior to becoming a crypto journalist at DailyCoin in 2023, Brian worked as a Web3 writer and project manager for four years. Brian’s experience enabled him to understand the need for high-quality, unbiased, and objective reporting in the crypto space. He values teamwork, accuracy, and open communication when working with colleagues.


Brian earned an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at the University of Nairobi in 2022. His background in analytical thinking and ability to extract core facts from a wide-range of legal literature has proven invaluable in fostering factual and objective news reporting. Brian’s ability to analyze, break down, and report on complex, developing stories is monumental in his delivery of well-researched and accurate breaking news.


Brian lives in Kenya with his young family. Though he spends most of his time keeping DailyCoin readers updated, Brian is personally interested in nurturing relationships with friends and loved ones, spending his free time cooking and watching documentaries with them. He also enjoys reading and doesn’t hesitate to contribute to intellectual discourses.