World of Women NFT Presents Redeemable Capacitors Prior to WoWVerse Launch

The World of Women NFT collection made headlines at the beginning of the year, when the inaugural WoW NFT sale was sold out overnight. The NFT community is built on strong principles of  “celebrating art, representation, inclusivity & equal opportunities for all.” Now, with the use of NFT Capacitors finally revealed, every owner of these can build a dream living space with “enormous creative freedom.”

How To Make Use Of WoW NFT Capacitors

The mystifying project has been dropping clues both in the metaverse and the real world. The first NFT Capacitors were airdropped in June. The initial blue color NFT Capacitors can be redeemed instantly, but the green color capacitors were airdropped three weeks later, once all of the 12 clues were solved. The clue hunt involved a billboard in Times Square in NYC and a glow-in-the-dark hint that was featured at the World of Women NFT brunch event.

However, NFT enthusiasts who do not own WoW NFTs or WoW Galaxy NFTs can still get in on the action. Despite the World of Women NFTs usually selling out pretty fast, OpenSea has both the green and blue capacitors available. For the green one, the floor price is at 0.041 Ethereum (ETH), while the blue NFT Capacitor goes for 0.1415 Ethereum (ETH), which converts to $225.

To Transform or Not to Transform?

According to World of Women NFT, the capacitors are used to store energy. While the blue one can store more power than the green one, there is one catch. The WoW Capacitors NFT are sensitive to “physical contact, or close proximity, which can cause a sudden discharge.” The discharged energy can be either hazardous or beneficial.

Moreover, a user who has the World of Women Capacitor NFT doesn’t have to transform it straightaway. Every NFT holder has the right to stock the capacitor NFT for later use, for instance in Season 2. The ways to redeem the Capacitors could be different, as well as the virtual apartments. Players will be able to modify the apartments as they please, with many creative tools included in the WoWVerse.

However, it is worth noting that the blue color WoW Capacitor NFT gives you a place at the “Origin Residence,” a stunning and colorful district in the World of Women metaverse. On the other hand, the green Capacitor NFT unlocks Nebula Quarters, a gorgeous and posh district where you can hang your favorite art NFTs on the walls.

Ultimately, the WoW NFT community members have until the end of September to make up their minds about whether to transform the Capacitor NFTs or not. The mind-blowing designs of the WoW metaverse welcomes NFT enthusiasts to build unique virtual homes with the most advanced design tools at present in Web3.

On the Flipside

Why You Should Care

Many renowned Web3 companies are working hard on launching their metaverses. The success of the projects can heavily impact the adoption of blockchain & Web3 technology.

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