Vitalik Buterin’s Most Brilliantly Ridiculous Costumes For Conferences

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Steve Jobs had his turtlenecks, Mark Zuckerberg has his gray shirts, Musk has, well, whatever he has — but Vitalik Buterin has the most extraordinary costumes. He’s worn everything from dinosaur garb to Shiba Inu pajamas and even meme shirts. And we are going to go through all of them right now.

The Fashionista Web 3.0 Needs

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, may look like every other tech bro at first glance. But he is quite different from all of them for many reasons. And one of those reasons is his wardrobe.

A lot of people call him the philosopher king of the blockchain because of his immense contributions to it, but right now he’s more like a monarch of fashion. Vitalik doesn’t discriminate when displaying his inner fashionista. He wears what he wants when he wants, how he wants, and dares you to counter him. Of course, he knows you can’t. What are you going to do? Tell the founder of Ethereum to only wear blazers and jeans at a conference? No way.

To prove once and for all that no one dresses like Vitalik, we are going to go on an epic rundown of all his most extraordinary getups for conferences. Be aware; you’re going to see some amazing outfits.

Comfortable Socks For The Win

What would you wear if you were going to speak to hundreds of people at a very serious conference? Would you wear your best sneakers? Office shoes? Or maybe even sandals?

If you wear all of that, you’re probably not worthy of lacing Buterin’s shoes. Or, in this case, slides.

Vitalik Buterin socks

This is a picture taken at an impromptu conference that Buterin held in Argentina in 2021. The funny thing about this conference was that it was free, and Vitalik only spoke because he’d given the Argentinian Ethereum community a deadline.

He told them that he was impressed with their community and would provide them with a free speech if they could organize a conference fast enough. The eight hundred virtual tickets for the conference sold out in five minutes. 

You read that right. 800 people signed up to hear Vitalik speak, and he did so in slides. That’s the kind of star fashion power very few people have.

Try to catch up, Beyoncé!

Vita The Unicorn

One of the hardest things to do in tech is to build a unicorn. Vitalik and other co-founders of Ethereum managed to do just that with Ethereum. But they didn’t just build a unicorn, they built something more. They built a unicorn that builds unicorns.

Whether you like it or not, Ethereum is one of the biggest products on the blockchain, and it will become even more important in the future. Perhaps the knowledge of this fact is the reason why Vitalik sometimes shows up in strange t-shirts that depict unicorns.

Vitalik Buterin unicorn

Doesn’t Vitalik just look dashing here? Of course, he does. He’s Web 3.0’s most fashionable personality, and outfits like this just prove it.

He also manages to switch his style up sometimes. Sometimes he doesn’t wear tees with a unicorn. Instead, he wears tees that depict a cat in glasses on a sheep that just happens to be a unicorn. Also, there are some UFOs in the sky, and there’s a rainbow as well.

If that description disturbs you, here’s the real thing in action:

Vitalik unicorn

Our man Vitalik doesn’t just use his fashion style to blow us away. He also uses it to push ideas that he wants to be discussed. The best example of that probably has to be the Hard Fork Café shirt he wore in this picture.

Since Ethereum has been threatened by a hard fork several times, it only behooves our fashion icon to make a mockery of said hard fork as well. That’s probably why he also wore this shirt, telling all hard forks everywhere that they certainly do not scare him.

Vitalik Buterin hard fork t-shirt

Take that, hard forks. Over here at the Ethereum café, we eat hard forks for lunch. Or we eat with hard forks. Anyway, you get the gist.

Vitalik, The Average Culture Appreciator

Unlike other techies who don’t have a keen eye for appreciating culture, Vitalik is exactly the opposite. He’s never been scared of taking a few risks, and this picture shows it. Instead of just attending this conference like every other basic person, he chooses to don a sombrero.

This was also culturally appropriate, as the conference was held in Mexico. Of course, one might think that the people at the conference would be offended by this. But they weren’t. They all found it rather amusing.

Vitalik Sombrero

He also had shorts on to top it all off.

Vitalik doesn’t only appreciate ethnic cultures. He also appreciates internet cultures too. That’s why he wore Shiba Inu pajamas to Eth Denver.

This wasn’t just a casual outfit either. For a long time, Shiba Inu holders have believed Vitalik to be the anonymous creator of Shiba Inu. Vitalik wearing Shiba Inu jammies simply adds more fuel to that fire. However, Vitalik has proven several times that he’s uninterested in being a second dogefather.

Vitalik Buterin pyjama

Those sneakers look great too!

Fear The Bear Market

Since the beginning of the crypto revolution, we’ve had a series of bull and bear markets. While price analysis can predict when these markets will happen, they aren’t a sure thing. Because they aren’t sure, people tend to look for other signs to understand the future of the market. And yes, these signs include tweets—and Vitalik’s costumes.

When our philosopher crypto king showed up in a bear costume at a conference, some people thought that he was inadvertently declaring a bear market and mandating a crypto winter. Others thought it was just a really neat costume. We will never really know which it was.

Vitalik bear costume

All we do know is that Vitalik showed, once more, that he was the crypto king of fashion and no one could upstage him, even if they tried.

We also know that Vitalik doesn’t fear the bear market. In fact, in a weird roundabout way, he likes the market and has spoken several times about how it could help crypto in the long run.

So maybe, just maybe, he wore that bear costume to show his affiliation with the bear market. However, you surely cannot quote us on that!

The Dinosaur King

Vitalik Buterin dinosaur

In terms of tech, Vitalik is probably the furthest thing from a dinosaur. He isn’t old, he isn’t ancient, and he certainly isn’t a reptile. Despite that, he decided to show up in a dinosaur costume at a conference. Why would he do that? Who knows? Why would he do anything?

As one might expect, this was also a fashion statement for the ages. His costume was impeccable and impressed everyone. While a lot of people don’t know why Vitalik dressed up in that costume, we could hazard a few guesses.

The event he wore the costume to was “Ethereum— a New Era” an event that had up to 1,400 attendees. The event was one of the last Ethereum events before the final merge and was held to show just how different Ethereum would be after the merge.

We believe that Vitalik wore the costume to show that proof-of-work was a dinosaur, and that would be its last appearance on the ETH market. Since the merge was successful and ETH is now a proof-of-stake network, we could say that Vitalik’s costume was right on point.

But remember, this is just our interpretation of a magnificent fashion statement! Vitalik could have just worn it for the admiration and laughs it got!

On the Flipside

  • Despite being a fashion icon, Vitalik isn’t always showing up in rad outfits. Most times, he just shows up in a shirt, trousers, sneakers, and his trusty Swatch.

Why Should You Care

It’s Halloween, and is there anything better to care about than how Vitalik might appear next?

RareNFT Vitalik

One thing about Vitalik is that he constantly shows up like one would in a VR chat. The bear costume, the dinosaur costume, and the sombrero all attest to this.

Asides from showing up to conferences like someone wearing a neat filter, he also always manages to look like a rare NFT. He’s not the basic NFT that trades at the floor price. Instead, he’s the giga NFT that always looks distinct and unique. In a world of tech bros that look the same, rare NFT Vitalik is the tech bro fashionista we need.

It’s Halloween month, and we’ve got no doubt that Vitalik will soon show up in another extraordinary costume. What do you think it will be?

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