Trump Ordinals NFTs Break the Norm: Here’s How It Works

Trump brings his latest Mugshot Edition NFT Collection to Bitcoin Ordinals as part of a promotion to incentivize sales.

Donald Trump flying on his Trump plane through blockchain and bitcoins.
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  • Trump NFTs are now available on Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin offers advantages over other blockchains.
  • Mugshot Edition NFTs are untradeable for now.

Former US President Donald Trump has become a serial NFT creator, launching several digital collections since late 2022 to capitalize on the burgeoning crypto asset trend. All three collections operate on the Polygon blockchain, but in an ambitious crossover, Trump’s latest Mugshot Edition Collection has now bridged to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Trump Cards Now Available on Bitcoin Ordinals

Trump’s Mugshot Edition Collection now features a new promotion offering collectors a chance to own a “one-of-one Bitcoin Ordinal digital trading card,” making them a rare digital collectible permanently inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain.


Only 200 Mugshot Edition Bitcoin Ordinal cards will be created, with unique serial numbers denoting order and scarcity. Out of the 200 available cards, 101 will be given away as part of the promotional deal, while the remaining 99 will be put up for purchase.

While the Mugshot Edition Ordinals cards come in a limited run, tapping into the Bitcoin blockchain provides unique advantages for scarcity and longevity compared to other platforms.

Advantages of Bitcoin NFTs

Bitcoin’s entrenched prominence provides built-in advantages that other platforms lack, ensuring a lower risk of lost data or value while benefitting from Bitcoin’s crypto market dominance. The launch of Ordinals in early 2023 enabled a way to inscribe data like images and text directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, embedding collectible content at the protocol level. 

In contrast, NFTs on other platforms are not generally stored at the protocol level. Instead, NFTs typically contain a link pointing to a digital art file hosted on a conventional web server. This approach has potential implications for immutability and longevity, as the link may become broken or the file may be deleted, rendering the NFT useless. 


Storing NFTs at the protocol level, such as with Bitcoin Ordinals, can help mitigate these risks and ensure that the data remains accessible and immutable.

Qualifying For a Mugshot Edition Ordinal

To qualify for an immutable Mugshot Edition Bitcoin Ordinals card, collectors must purchase 100 Mugshot Edition NFTs using wrapped ETH, limited to the first 101 buyers, yet confusingly, the website states that the offer is available to the first 200 buyers.

The deal’s total cost is $9,900, based on a price of $99 per NFT. As an added incentive, buyers will also get a gala dinner with Trump at his Mar-a-Largo residence, two physical trading cards with one featuring a piece of the suit/tie he wore during the infamous viral mugshot taken by Georgia police, and miscellaneous items such as hoodies and pens given out at the gala dinner. 

Those who qualify can claim their Ordinal card from the “Magic Eden on Bitcoin” NFT marketplace in 90 days, per the website. However, details on the claim procedure are unknown at this time. 

Can You Trade Them?

Trump NFTs were created for “the most dedicated Trump enthusiasts.” To encourage collectorship, the Mugshot Edition cards are locked for trading until December 31, 2024, after which buyers can trade peer-to-peer or via secondary marketplaces.

“This exclusivity period highlights the significance of your card as a genuine collectible, reflecting the spirit of a true Trump Card collector,” stated the website

On the Flipside

  • Scarcity tactics tap into collector psychology.
  • Using different blockchains widens the potential audience and interest.
  • Trump previously stated that he “was never a big fan” of cryptocurrency.

Why This Matters

The unusual crossover between celebrity, politics, and now different blockchains signals new pathways for digital collectibles to permeate popular culture. As virtual assets enable novel forms of connection, the path to more creative experiments at the intersection of blockchain and everyday life has opened wider.

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