Wu-Tang Enters Bitcoin Ordinals via Ghostface’s Inscription

Bitcoin Ordinal Bots mull putting the Clan in da Front of innovation with an upcoming free digital music mint.

RZA of Wu Tang showing their groups hand symbol using a Bitcoin force.
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  • Wu-Tang Clan’s Bitcoin ventures begin with Ghostface Killah’s EP.
  • This blockchain-exclusive Hip Hop project is slated for free mint.
  • Bitcoin enthusiasts showcase mixed opinions on BTC Ordinals.

Wu-Tang Clan is entering Web3’s chambers with Bitcoin Ordinals, the rising inscription model on BTC. Ghostface Killah, one of the nine original members, shared the news about a new venture with NakaPepes NFT collection, Scrilla Ventura, and the Ordinals Bot, to release fresh music as a BRC-20 inscription.

According to Ghostface Killah’s message, the NFT music collection will have a capped supply of 10,000 and will have a cost-free minting process. Crypto enthusiasts lucky enough to mint one of these songs are getting a CC0 rights license to Ghostface’s Bitcoin music.

According to this model, Ghostface Killah waives the rights to his on-chain music, leaving the NFT owners with many opportunities to use the tracks. For instance, blockchain and music fans owning a piece of the 10,000 NFT collection can freely distribute, remix, copy, and share Wu Tang’s Bitcoin music without restrictions.

Can It Be All So Simple for Bitcoin Ordinals?

Teasing a white list for the upcoming exclusive release, Wu-Tang Clan’s Bitcoin music initiative joins other popular hip-hop artists, such as French Montana, Snoop Dogg, and The Weeknd, in releasing blockchain-only exclusive music. In his latest venture, the Moroccan-American rapper French Montana dropped his new single, “Bag Curious,” on Bitcoin Ordinals, claiming the third-largest Bitcoin inscription.

Some crypto aficionados and digital art lovers are divided into two camps over whether the surge of Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions is healthy for the blockchain.

Dune Analytics’ on-chain data now counts over 60 million inscriptions on Bitcoin, with some frequent cases of congestion on the world’s largest Proof of Work (PoW) chain. However, the current fashion of Bitcoin Ordinals on BTC also garners more fees but tackles unchartered territory security-wise, as non-fungible tokens weren’t originally designed for BTC.

On the Flipside

  • The adoption of Bitcoin Ordinals inscription is rapidly spreading, but some Bitcoin maximalists see it as simply an exploit in Bitcoin Core to spam the blockchain.
  • For example, Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr suggested closing BRC-20 inscriptions in the future, only keeping the already existing Bitcoin Ordinals.

Why This Matters

While BRC-20 inscriptions scale beyond the financial perspective, onboarding artists and digital art lovers to blockchain can foster a deeper connection between fans and creators.


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