Town Star Introduces Four New Christmas-Themed NFTs and New Mechanics

Everything players need to know surrounding the Christmas-themed event in Town Star.

Town Star Santas workshop achievement cards
  • Town Star has introduced Christmas-themed items and seasonal events, with the latest additions being the Wizard’s Workshop and Santa’s Factory.
  • Players can take advantage of the ongoing event to collect Enchanted Ornaments to reduce wages or building costs.

Town Star has begun to embrace the Christmas season with the addition of Enchanted Ornaments and the announcement of four new upcoming NFTs. 

The event will introduce three items for sale and one as a reward for those who buy the first three.

The Four New NFTs to Be Added in Town Star

Four buildings will be available in-game for all players to use and explore. NFT versions of each building will be sold and distributed in limited quantities. 


The game will also introduce a “Cold” mechanic that will affect nearby tiles. However, Master Wizards will be immune to it, and it will be required to make ice. 

There are three paid NFTs, including:

  • Epic Master Wizard – used for the creation of Mystical Crafts, a new in-game addition.
Epic Master Wizard
  • Rare Wizards Workshop – used for crafting in which temperature plays an important role.
  • Legendary Santa’s Factory – works for lower wages and more quickly than the standard in-game counterpart.

The latest update also adds a free NFT, where all players need to do is buy each of the three items in the set.


The free NFT is known as the Rare North Pole Creation Lab, and its use case remains a mystery in the announcement.

The timeline is as follows:

  • The Epic Master Wizard will launch on December 5.
  • The Rare Wizards Workshop will launch on December 12.
  • The Legendary Santa’s Factory NFT will launch on December 19.
  • The Free Rare North Pole Creation Lab Reward NFT will launch on December 26. 

Other In-Game Events

Another event, which began on November 25, is still running strong. It allows players to collect Enchanted Ornaments that work as effect cards in the game and can reduce wages or building costs.

There are 12 different ornaments, and once all are collected, the game benefits collectors. They include:

  • A 50% bonus to Global Unit Speed Increase that’s fully stackable with bonuses from other in-game NFTs. 
  • A 50% bonus for global wage reduction.
  • A 75% bonus for building cost reduction.
  • A 75% bonus reduction in obstacle-clearing costs.

Uncommon packs are also available on the official Gala Games marketplace and cost 1,163.586 GALA ($30) per pack, which can include a total of four randomized Ornaments. 

Town Star is a farm management-themed game that runs on the Gala blockchain. It allows any player to begin with a plot of land and some in-game currency, where they can begin building farms, factories, or other buildings.

The game’s goal is for players to sell excess goods for profit and rank high on the leaderboards by winning competitions. NFTs are used to enhance productivity or for the creation of specialized buildings. 

On the Flipside

  • The Rare North Pole Creation Lab will not be sold individually in the store, and the supply will be limited to the 2022 holiday promotion. This means that there is a large paywall between players and the NFT, especially for those who do not intend to or want to buy all of the other three NFTs. 

Why You Should Care

The development team behind Town Star is working hard to introduce new in-game creations, such as Mystical Crafts, as well as the “Cold” mechanic. All of these aim to enhance the gameplay loop and make the overall experience more entertaining.

Players will likely benefit from these additions, even without buying the NFTs, as the mechanics will be baked into the game. Many other projects will likely follow this trend and introduce Christmas and New Year-themed events.

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