Gala Games’ First Step into the Metaverse: Shift Your Characters Between Fantasy Action RPG and Farming Simulator

There are two types of blockchain games: the first is to simply implement a crypto economy into an existing gameplay model, while the second group is aimed at creating an entire gaming multiverse. However, there have been projects that resided in an undefined space. These particular projects usually hint at the creation of a multiverse, but didn’t emphasise it too much.

One such project went on to become Gala Games. Two months ago, we mentioned in a review of all Gala Games to date, that the developers hadn’t expressed any specific intention to create a multiverse, but that the option was definitely a future possibility.

The developers are now taking their first steps towards making that a reality. The next upcoming game in the Gala ecosystem, Mirandus, is expected to have NFTs which are suitable for the popular Gala Games creation, Town Star. So far, Mirandus Vox NFTs are eligible for staking inside Town Star farms, which promises an additional avenue of income. Moreover, as Mirandus is yet to be launched, this means that pre-purchased gaming characters won’t simply gather dust, but will actively pay back into the economy.

Gala Games announced a Mirandus NFT drop for December 6th. The initial common number of Mirandus NFT avatars will only be 8888, no more, which is why they are currently so expensive, raking in $1100 for a single avatar.

On the other hand, they cannot be used as fully-fledged characters in Town Star, at least, for now. This means that, while the first brick in the foundations has been laid, the Gala multiverse is still little more than a plan.


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