Taiko Protocol Goes Live on Ethereum Mainnet

“Ethereum-equivalent” Taiko goes live on mainnet after two years of development.

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  • Taiko protocol is live on mainnet.
  • The launch comes after two years of extensive development.
  • Users may not access some of the network’s features at launch.

Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) Taiko has launched on the Ethereum mainnet after two years of extensive development, the protocol announced on Monday.

Taiko brands itself as a Type 1 zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine. It relies on Ethereum block validators to sequence transactions, allowing the network to benefit from the robustness and security assurances of the underlying layer.

Taiko Deploys on Mainnet

According to an announcement dated May 27, Taiko has been deployed on the Ethereum main net. This allows regular users to access various DeFi services on the protocol via dApps, such as swapping, borrowing, and staking.


Developers and tech-savvy users can explore Taiko to run a node or propose and prove blocks. However, while proposing and proving blocks will be permissionless to make the Taiko network “alive and secure,” users won’t be able to access the feature at launch.

“Please note that for the first couple of weeks, block proposing and proving is done exclusively by the Taiko team,” the announcement read. “That’s because we first want to see the network stabilize before we open the gates for everyone to propose and prove.”

Currently, Taiko’s contracts on Ethereum are controlled by a multisig arrangement and require SGX proofs to deliver speeds comparable to those of optimistic rollups. The protocol said it plans to add more validity proofs using systems like Risc0-zkVM, SP1 zkVM, and others.

The mainnet launch follows the announcement of the Taiko (TKO) token airdrop on May 22. Users were given seven days to confirm their eligibility, after which they’ll be able to claim TKO at a later date.


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