Ripple’s AMM Integration Sparks Concerns Over XRP’s Future

Ripple’s integration of an Automated Market Maker within the XRP Ledger sparks debates on its transformative potential in cryptocurrency.

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  • Ripple has integrated an AMM into XRPL, sparking debates on XRP’s future as a digital asset.
  • This integration has excited and concerned the community about XRP’s value and adoption.
  • Key community figures have voiced contrasting views, questioning AMM’s impact on XRP.

Ripple recently declared plans to include an Automated Market Maker (AMM) within the XRP Ledger (XRPL), causing a stir in the cryptocurrency community. This sparked discussions on how XRP might change and how it’s seen as a digital asset.

XRP’s Biggest Update Yet

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, has praised this latest update, marking it as the most impactful advancement for XRPL. This move has heightened expectations among stakeholders, anticipating that the integration of the AMM will enhance XRPL’s functionalities, drawing in a larger user base and potentially bolstering the adoption and value of XRP.


However, the prospect of XRP becoming a stablecoin, as suggested by some community members, has raised concerns. Digital Perspectives, a prominent community influencer, expressed fears that the introduction of AMMs and the Prudential Treatment requirements from the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) could push XRP into the stablecoin category.

XRP to Flourish with AMM Integration?

Panos Mekras, co-founder of Anodos, a crypto-focused firm, stepped in to clarify. He stressed that XRP’s core identity as a decentralized digital asset remains intact. Mekras also highlighted the potential advantages of AMMs, especially in volatile environments, which could improve XRP’s liquidity and draw more traders.

The discussion about XRP’s future will likely persist as the AMM integration moves forward. While some are doubtful, others are hopeful about XRP’s potential to become a more adaptable and valuable asset. As XRPL evolves, XRP’s role will become clearer, shaping its place in the cryptocurrency world.

On the Flipside

  • The potential classification of XRP as a stablecoin could limit its use cases and reduce its attractiveness to investors who seek higher-risk, higher-reward assets.
  • The AMM integration might not lead to a significant increase in XRP’s adoption and value, as anticipated by some stakeholders.
  • The debate surrounding XRP’s future is likely to continue, with proponents and critics holding differing views on its potential transformation and classification.

Why This Matters

By enhancing the XRPL’s functionality and attracting more users, the AMM integration could lead to an increase in XRP’s adoption and value. Additionally, the integration could help to dispel concerns about XRP’s classification as a digital asset, making it more appealing to a wider range of investors.


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