Ripple Verdict Takes Shape as SEC Makes Their Move

The Ripple-SEC legal battle intensifies as Ripple leverages a recent court ruling against proposed SEC penalties.

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  • Ripple has deployed a recent court case as a defense strategy.
  • The SEC has not relented, criticizing Ripple’s arguments.
  • Legal experts have observed frustration on both sides.

In the ongoing saga between Ripple Labs and the SEC, a new chapter has begun, and the stakes for the entire cryptocurrency industry couldn’t be higher. The battle lines have been redrawn, with Ripple wielding a recent court decision as a weapon against the SEC’s proposed penalties.

The SEC, however, is no damsel in distress and has fired back, pointing out the flaws in Ripple’s argument. This war of words underscores the desperate need for a clear regulatory framework in the crypto world, a fight with far-reaching consequences for investors and innovators alike.

Ripple Seeks Relief in Binance Case

Ripple’s strategy hinges on the recent ruling in the SEC’s case against Binance. They argue that the decision supports their stance that existing securities laws are not directly applicable to cryptocurrencies. This aligns with Ripple’s broader push for regulations specifically tailored to digital assets, distinct from the decades-old Howey Test used for traditional securities.


By referencing the court’s observation that cryptocurrencies don’t fit neatly into existing frameworks, Ripple seeks reduced penalties and clearer regulatory guidelines. This tactic reflects the industry’s growing frustration with the SEC’s perceived lack of clarity in its approach to digital assets.

The SEC, however, remains unfazed by Ripple’s arguments. Their response criticizes Ripple’s use of the Binance case, arguing that the specific circumstances of each case differ significantly. Additionally, the SEC underscores that the court, in the Binance case, dismissed the “fair notice” defense – a point previously rejected in Ripple’s own case.

The SEC further emphasizes the 2017 DAO Report as a clear warning to the industry regarding the regulatory landscape for digital assets. This report, according to the SEC, undermines Ripple’s claim of lacking fair notice.

Crypto lawyer Bill Morgan interprets the SEC’s forceful response as frustration with the Binance case being used against them. He points out the SEC’s tendency to dismiss unfavorable rulings as irrelevant.


Jeremy Hogan, a partner at Hogan & Hogan, criticizes the SEC’s approach as evasive. He argues that the SEC fails to address Ripple’s interpretation of the Binance ruling with substance, resorting to simple disagreement without elaboration. This lack of concrete reasoning fuels the need for clearer regulatory guidance, a sentiment widely shared within the crypto community.

The Ripple vs. SEC case has become a battleground for regulatory clarity in the cryptocurrency space. Ripple’s reference to the Binance case highlights inconsistencies in the SEC’s approach, while the SEC emphasizes a history of clear warnings. 

The outcome of this ongoing legal battle will have significant implications for both Ripple and the broader cryptocurrency industry, potentially shaping the future of digital asset regulation.

On the Flipside

  • While the Binance case decision might seem supportive, legal experts warn it may be a misplay. Nuances in each case could weaken Ripple’s argument on appeal.
  • The SEC points to the 2017 DAO Report as a clear notification regarding digital asset regulations. This could counter Ripple’s claims of lacking fair notice.

Why This Matters

This war of words between Ripple and the SEC exposes a fundamental issue in the crypto space: a lack of clear regulations. Investors are left unsure of the legal ground, and innovation might be stifled if companies fear harsh penalties for unclear violations. This case could set a precedent for how existing securities laws apply to crypto, impacting the entire industry’s future.

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