Ripple Is Close to “Big Win” & Exciting Analysts: Here’s Why

A legal expert predicts the SEC may not appeal a key ruling in the Ripple lawsuit, potentially boosting XRP’s value.

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  • Ripple’s Legal battles continue, and the SEC’s next move remains unclear.
  • Chart patterns suggest XRP may be on the verge of a significant surge.
  • Despite the positive signs, XRP still has hurdles to overcome.

The ongoing legal battle between Ripple Labs and the SEC has taken a turn in Ripple’s favor, potentially leading to a significant surge in the value of its XRP cryptocurrency. This optimism stems from comments by Kristina Littman, a former head of the SEC’s Enforcement Cyber Unit. 

Littman believes the SEC may not appeal a crucial July 2023 ruling by Judge Analisa Torres. This ruling declared XRP not a security under federal law, a direct blow to the SEC’s core argument in the lawsuit.


The decision was a major win for Ripple and the crypto industry as a whole. It challenged the SEC’s broad definition of a security, potentially paving the way for clearer regulations in the future. 

However, the legal battle isn’t entirely over. Legal experts still anticipate a possible appeal from the SEC after the lawsuit concludes. Additionally, recent rulings in other crypto-related cases could influence the SEC’s decision.

Despite the remaining legal hurdles, analysts are predicting a significant rebound for XRP. They note that the midterm target for XRP stands at $2, indicating a potential for substantial gains in the coming months.

Ripple’s XRP Poised for Major Surge?

This bullish prediction is based on key support and resistance levels that provide insights into XRP’s price movement. The horizontal support for XRP lies between $0.30 and $0.32, an area that has historically served as a strong foundation for the price. 

Additionally, an ascending trendline support reinforces this zone, suggesting that XRP is positioned to resist downward pressure. On the resistance front, XRP faces a hurdle between $0.65 and $0.70. 


This zone has historically been a barrier to upward price movement. Furthermore, a descending trendline resistance converges with this horizontal resistance, making it a critical area for potential breakouts.

The chart for XRP reveals a symmetrical triangle pattern, which often indicates consolidation followed by a breakout in either direction. The current price action suggests that a breakout could be imminent. In the event of a breakout above the resistance levels, the projected target is around $2.00, representing a potential increase of over 266%.

With a current price of $0.4766 and a slight rise of 2.17% in the last 24 hours, XRP seems poised for a significant upswing if the legal battle and technical analysis both hold true.

On the Flipside

  • Technical analysis, while informative, is not a perfect science, and future XRP price movements could deviate from the predicted breakout.
  • The broader cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile, and unforeseen events could cause XRP’s price to move independently of the SEC lawsuit.
  • Even if Ripple wins, the SEC may pursue broader regulatory actions impacting XRP and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Why This Matters

A potential end to the SEC lawsuit, coupled with XRP’s technical indicators, could spark a major price surge for XRP. This would impact the broader market by setting a precedent for clearer crypto regulations and potentially boosting investor confidence in the entire industry.

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