Reddit Moons and Bricks Soar 50%: Are Community Tokens the Future? 

Dive into the benefits of community engagement and the potential future of community tokens in the crypto space.

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  • Reddit’s MOON and BRICK tokens highlight the power of community-driven crypto rewards.
  • Their value is directly linked to subreddit activity and engagement.
  • The WSB token controversy underscores the risks of community tokens.

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, community-driven tokens are emerging as a powerful force. Recently, Reddit community tokens have witnessed a notable surge, highlighting the potential of community-backed assets.

Reddit Community Tokens Surge: Is This the Future? 

On Monday, August 7, leading crypto exchanges, including Kraken, announced the inclusion of Reddit’s community tokens, Moons (MOON) and Bricks (BRICK). Following this announcement, both tokens experienced a sharp rise in their values, with MOON jumping over 47% to 42 cents and BRICK surging nearly 50% to 4 cents within 24 hours.


Reddit tokens, particularly MOON and BRICK, are ERC-20 tokens distributed as rewards within specific subreddits. MOON caters to the r/CryptoCurrency community, while BRICK is associated with the r/Fortnite subreddit. 

These tokens represent a new era of community engagement, where users are incentivized for their contributions. For instance, users earn these tokens for posting.

Community tokens like MOON and BRICK represent a fusion of social engagement and cryptocurrency. They not only incentivize active participation but also offer a glimpse into the future of how online communities might integrate with the world of digital assets. 

Reddit’s MOON and BRICK Tokens Explained

Introduced in May 2020, the MOON token is the official cryptocurrency of the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit. This innovative token was conceptualized as a reward system, incentivizing users who contribute valuable content to the subreddit. The mechanism is straightforward: the more upvotes a post or comment garners, the more MOONs its creator earns. Beyond this, active participation in community polls and other activities can also yield MOONs. 


Users can spend MOONs to acquire special membership badges on the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit, granting them access to exclusive content. Furthermore, MOONs hold real-world value, being tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges. They also play a role in subreddit governance, with users leveraging them to vote in polls. An added perk is the ability to redeem MOONs for Reddit coins within the r/Cryptocurrency community.

On the other hand, the r/FortniteBR subreddit, centered around the widely popular game Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, has its own community token named BRICK. Functioning similarly to MOONs, BRICKs are rewards given to users based on their contributions, with the amount determined by the karma they accumulate over a set period. These tokens are more than just a nod to one’s contribution; they offer users a range of utilities. 

BRICK holders can use their tokens to buy special memberships, with perks like unique badges and the capability to embed GIFs in comments. Additionally, they can be used in governance decisions, for tipping within the community, or even converted to r/FortniteBR coins, which can then be used to highlight or award standout posts and comments.

Are Community Tokens Like Bricks and Moons the Future? 

The strength of community tokens lies in their ability to foster and reward active participation. For instance, Reddit users earn Bricks and Moons for contributing valuable content to specific subreddits, creating a sense of ownership and belonging. 

However, the value of community tokens is intrinsically linked to the health and vibrancy of the community they represent. As these communities grow and thrive, so do the demand and value of their associated tokens. 

Conversely, if a community starts to wane or lose its active user base, the value of its token is likely to decline. This symbiotic relationship underscores the importance of active and sustained community engagement for the long-term success of such tokens.

Community Token Risks: Wall Street Bets (WSB) Token Fiasco

While offering a unique blend of engagement and financial incentives, community tokens are not without risks. A prime example is the recent controversy surrounding the Wall Street Bets (WSB) token.

On Wednesday, May 3, the WSB token faced a significant setback. Revelations of insider selling led to a sharp decline in its value, shaking the confidence of many investors and participants source. This incident served as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls of community tokens. 

While they offer a unique way to engage and reward users, they also have increased volatility. The WSB token fiasco highlights the importance of due diligence and cautious participation in community tokens.

On the Flipside

  • While community tokens offer a unique way to engage and reward users, they also come with increased volatility. The reliance on community sentiment can lead to rapid fluctuations in value.
  • The decentralized nature of these tokens means that regulatory oversight is minimal, potentially leading to issues like insider trading or market manipulation.

Why This Matters

The rise of community tokens, such as those from Reddit, signifies a shift in the crypto landscape. These tokens provide a unique blend of community engagement and financial incentives. 

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