NFTs Get the Simpsons Treatment in Halloween Special

The Simpsons’ latest episode is a jab at NFTs and crypto culture. See what’s inside this blockchain-themed Halloween escapade.

New Simpsons episode about NFT's.
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  • Simpsons humorously navigates the NFT world in a Halloween special.
  • The episode dissects the frenzy of blockchain collectibles.
  • The show distinguishes between high-art NFTs and profile-picture collectibles.

The Simpsons, a cultural mainstay for over three decades, has again mirrored contemporary society in its Halloween special. This year’s episode takes a comical swing at the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the hype around them. 

Bart Becomes an NFT in Simpsons Special

The Simpsons’ Halloween special on November 6, 2023, took a playful yet pointed look at the world of NFTs. In this episode, Bart becomes a live NFT, and the story humorously captures the family’s attempt to navigate the complexities of blockchain and digital ownership. 

In the episode aptly named “Wild Barts Can’t Be Token,” Bart Simpson becomes an NFT due to a mishap, leading Marge on a quest through the blockchain to save her son. This plot parodies the NFT mania, with characters like Kylie Jenner and Rob Gronkowski guiding Marge into the digital realm. 


While Marge’s mission is successful, Homer’s attempt to follow the trend lands him in trouble when the FOMO runs out. The episode highlights some of the main characters in the NFT space and warns against speculation. 

The Simpsons introduced its audience to cryptocurrencies in the 2020 episode “Frinkcoin,” where Professor Frink creates a cryptocurrency. This leads him to become the richest man in Springfield, rivaling Mr. Burns​. Another episode, “Burger Kings,” even saw Krusty the Clown launching his own cryptocurrency, “KrustyKoin.” 

South Park, known for its sharp satire, has also delved into digital currencies. In an episode titled “Post COVID,” the series envisions a future where Bitcoin is the only accepted currency, humorously critiquing the idea of a Bitcoin-only economy and the dismissal of centralized banking​. 

On the Flipside

  • Shows like The Simpsons often tackle crypto’s extreme volatility. Drastic price fluctuations can result in high returns for some while posing substantial financial risks for others. 
  • Moreover, other shows point out the speculation, often resulting in “pump and dump” schemes and bubbles. 

Why This Matters

The attention that mainstream shows like The Simpsons and South Park give to cryptocurrency underscores its significant cultural impact.


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