Nansen Breach Sees User Data Compromised: Here’s What Happened

Unnamed third-party vendor attack led to the exposure of sensitive user data.

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  • Nansen suffered a security breach through a third-party cyberattack.
  • More user accounts and assets could have been compromised than revealed.
  • The company warned users to remain vigilant and cautious of phishing emails.

The cryptocurrency industry has revolutionized the global financial landscape but has become a prime target for cybercrime. Security breaches have long plagued the landscape, wrecking trust within the community and leaving victims to grapple with the aftermath.

In a recent blow to the digital asset ecosystem, blockchain analytics platform Nansen has been in the crosshairs of a security breach through a third-party vendor.

Nansen Third-Party Breach Unveiled

On September 22nd, Alex Svanevik, the CEO of Nansen, disclosed that one of its third-party vendors had suffered a significant cyberattack, resulting in the exposure of sensitive user data.


The attack on September 20th granted the intruder unauthorized access to an admin account that managed user access to the Nansen platform. 

The breach affected 6.8% of Nansen’s users, with varying degrees of sensitive information compromised, including users’ email addresses, substantial password hashes, and blockchain addresses.

The vendor in question was undisclosed, but the report stated that it is a well-established firm with a client list of several Fortune 500 companies and other entities within the crypto industry. Nansen has asked the vendor to publicly disclose the incident, recognizing the potential ripple effect on others who rely on their services.

Response and Ongoing Investigation

Nansen stated that the attacker did not remain at large for long as the company quickly shut down the access. The firm assured users that an investigation was underway and notified those affected via email with details on how they were impacted. While the company emphasized that users’ passwords are not stored in plaintext, there is concern that malicious attackers may attempt more attacks using exposed email addresses and password hashes. Users have been urged to change their passwords to prevent further risk.


The company insists that wallet funds were unaffected and advised users to exercise caution against phishing attempts and to verify the sender of any communication claiming to be Nansen.

On the Flipside 

  • The breach likely impacts more accounts, as the report stated that the affected vendor serves several Fortune 500 companies.
  • Over $920 million in the cryptocurrency industry has been lost to cyber criminals this year.
  • Experts advise users on frequent changes of passwords and two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security. 

Why This Matters

The Nansen security breach is another wake-up call for the crypto community, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced security measures and increased awareness as crypto attacks emerge.

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