ZKasino $32M Scam Suspect Arrested: Here’s What We Know

Investigation into ZKasino reveals a suspected fraud involving millions in crypto, leading to significant asset seizures.

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  • Dutch authorities arrest 26-year-old in connection to ZKasino scam.
  • Over 11 million euros in assets were confiscated.
  • Further arrests and asset recovery efforts are underway.

The recent case involving the ZKasino platform highlights the darker side of crypto. A supposed investment opportunity in a blockchain casino turned into a $32 million fraud

On Friday, May 3, Dutch authorities revealed an arrest of a man linked to the ZKasino platform, amid allegations of an exit scam. platform, which had been presented as a lucrative investment opportunity in the online gambling arena, is now accused of a rug pull

The ZKasino Fraudster Arrested, $11M Seized

On Monday, April 29, the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) arrested a 26-year-old suspect linked to a cryptocurrency scam involving ZKasino, an online gambling platform. This platform, which portrayed itself as a legitimate investment opportunity, is now at the center of an investigation following reports of $32 million in stolen funds from investors.


The arrest followed a series of events, starting with investigations on April 25, sparked by user complaints and intelligence reports. The authorities executed a raid and seized assets worth approximately 11.4 million euros, including high-value items such as real estate, luxury cars, and various cryptocurrencies.

Investigations have revealed that ZKasino’s operations were likely a “rug pull,” meaning that developers just took off with investors’ funds. The smart contract associated with ZKasino was reportedly configured to make it appear that investors would receive a return on their investments within 30 days. However, this setup was a facade to mislead investors. 

In an effort to crack down on this fraud, the FIOD collaborated with Binance’s Financial Crime Compliance and Investigations Team. The authorities have made it clear that returning the seized assets to the victims is a priority, which requires cooperation from those involved in the fraud. Further arrests and investigative actions have not been ruled out as the inquiry progresses.


The FIOD has also reached out to the public, urging victims of the scam to come forward and provide information that could assist in the ongoing investigations and eventual prosecution of additional suspects involved in the scam.

ZKasino Raised Alarms Over Potential Rug Pull

On April 22, reports surfaced of the potential ZKasino exit scam following its mainnet launch. Namely, investors have reported unauthorized token swaps and restricted withdrawal access. 

Initially, ZKasino promised to refund investors with Ethereum but unexpectedly swapped these for its own $ZKAS tokens. Further complicating matters, these funds were then transferred to a staking protocol, contradicting their previous statements about refunding investors directly.

The controversy has led to several exchanges and platforms postponing or canceling their plans to list $ZKAS tokens, citing suspicious activities.

Unlike traditional online casinos, which are heavily regulated to protect consumers, many blockchain-based casinos exist outside of strict regulatory oversight. This often leads to an increased risk of fraud and scams.

On the Flipside

  • Binance has a long track record of collaborating with authorities against scammers. In early May, the firm worked with Indian authorities to arrest those responsible for a $10 million pig butchering scam. 
  • Despite several high-profile cases, crypto hacks and scams are consistently trending lower.

Why This Matters

The ZKasino scam underscores the critical need for more sophisticated security measures in crypto, especially in online gambling. As these platforms continue to grow, ensuring the safety of investor funds is essential for maintaining trust in crypto.

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