MOSDEX Deploys AI and Deep Neural Networks for Crypto

Crypto exchange MOSDEX revealed it is implementing advanced AI protocols to help it discover better arbitrage opportunities.

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  • Crypto arbitrage platform MOSDEX uses AI and Deep Neural Networks for arbitrage. 
  • MOSDEX expects better profitability with lower costs to users. 
  • The new technology sets a “benchmark for DeFi,” MOSDEX writes. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently generated significant buzz across various industries, and crypto is no exception. Multiple startups have used AI algorithms to improve their trading odds and find profitable strategies. 

One of the more recent developments in the industry is using Deep Neural Networks, a subset of AI technology. Now, arbitrage staking platform MOSDEX is using this technology to help traders find better arbitrage opportunities in crypto trading via the deployment of its artificial intelligence and Deep Neural Networks on its arbitrage staking platform. 

MOSDEX AI-Powered Arbitrage

MOSDEX’s arbitrage engine now leverages AI Path Finder technology to find lucrative cross-chain arbitrage opportunities. 


In simple terms, the AI-powered engine scans decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and liquidity pools for price discrepancies. When it finds some, the protocol executes an arbitrate trade, generating profits while contributing liquidity. The capital for these trades comes from MOSDEX users, who receive a share of the profits. 

MOSDEX believes that introducing Deep Neural Networks will overhaul the entire process. The platform expects better efficiency, throughput, profitability, and lower user trading costs. 

This sets a “new benchmark” for DeFi, says MOSDEX CEO Joseph Emmett. The deployment of the technology will pave the way for further AI adoption in the DeFi space. 

On the Flipside

  • Like other DeFi yield-generating strategies, arbitrage staking involves giving up custody over your crypto. As such, users should only grant custody to trusted institutions. 
  • The crypto markets are volatile and unpredictable; there is no way to guarantee financial returns to users. 

Why You Should Care

The deployment of Deep Neural Networks in arbitrage reflects the growing influence of AI technology in DeFi. This suggests that AI will continue to drive DeFi adoption from now on. 


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