Majority of Bitcoin Addresses Hold Small Amounts

The latest data from BitInfoCharts reveals, that the biggest part of Bitcoin owners keeps less than a Bitcoin in their digital Bitcoin wallets.

The general number of active Bitcoin wallet addresses has surpassed 30 million for the first time in history. The biggest share of Bitcoin addresses holds up to 0.001 Bitcoin, which is equal to around $9 compared to the current price of around $8.977 at the moment of publishing.

Meanwhile, only half of the percent (0.52%) of Bitcoin addresses contain more than 10 Bitcoins. The percentage of bigger value holders splits, even more, when different amounts are separated.

The statistics of Bitcoin address holdings

The number of Blockchain wallets is constantly growing, with up to 50% increase in daily active addresses since the beginning of the year. According to the data of Statista, there are around 47 million Bitcoin wallets so far.

Having in mind, that part of them is inactive, inaccessible, or simply empty – the number of active Bitcoin addresses with the existing balance in them narrows up to around 30 million addresses.

The balance chart, however, reveals that over 57% of these 30 million Bitcoin wallet owners hold up to 1 Bitcoin in their digital wallets. The major part – nearly 48% – of these addresses contain the amount of cryptocurrency with a worth of 0-0.001 Bitcoin. Almost twice less (24.52%) of addresses hold from 0.001 to 0.01 BTC, which is up to $90. Accordingly, 7.35% of holders keep from one-tenth to one Bitcoin in their accounts.

Meanwhile, the numbers of balances with higher value, are correspondingly smaller, with 2.18% of addresses holding up to 10 Bitcoins, and 0.46% holding from 10 to 100 Bitcoins. As the chart states, there are only 2028 addresses, that hold form thousand up to 10 thousand Bitcoins.

Bitcoin’s transactions bigger than Ethereum’s

Despite the fact, that Bitcoin majority of Bitcoin holders keep small balances in their accounts, they are more likely to make higher-value Bitcoin transactions compared to Ethereum holders.

As DailyCoin previously reported, up to 30% of Bitcoin holders are making transactions worth up to 0.1 BTC (nearly $900 compared to the current price). Meanwhile, the biggest part of the ETH transactions is made with an amount worth up to approximately $20.

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