Litecoin ETF Rumors Swirl After Multiple CFTC Nods

Speculation swirls around a potential Litecoin ETF as recent CFTC moves suggest commodity status, fueling hopes for ETF approval.

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  • The Bitcoin ETFs have been hugely successful.
  • Rumors of a Litecoin ETF grow louder.
  • Some believe altcoin ETF approval is inevitable.

The arrival of Bitcoin ETFs in January ushered in a watershed moment for the crypto industry, with billions of dollars flowing into the leading cryptocurrency since. Analysts widely credit this Wall Street embrace as the driving force behind Bitcoin’s recent bull run to new all-time highs. Hot on the heels of this resounding success, whispers about institutions gearing up for a Litecoin ETF are growing louder.

Litecoin ETF Rumors

Fueling the speculation is a recent tweet from Fox Business journalist Eleanor Terrett, who claimed to have heard “rumblings on the institutional level” about growing interest in Litecoin ETFs. According to Terrett, the rationale behind this stems from Litecoin’s “functional similarities” to Bitcoin, making it a safer proposition for Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) approval versus an Ethereum ETF.

Lending further weight to this narrative is Coinbase’s recent announcement of plans to launch Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)-approved futures contracts for Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Terrett inferred that this regulatory green light from the CFTC suggests that authorities view these cryptocurrencies as legitimate tokens.


Further bolstering the case for Litecoin’s regulatory standing is the recent Department of Justice lawsuit against the KuCoin exchange. According to reports, the CFTC explicitly classified Litecoin and Ethereum as commodities in the legal proceedings, adding ammunition to the argument that Litecoin is a viable candidate for an ETF product.

While the regulatory stance appears to favor Litecoin as a commodity, opinions remain divided on the potential trajectory and long-term implications of an altcoin ETF frenzy.

Are Altcoin ETFs the Next Big Thing? 

Weighing in on the prospects of a wave of altcoin ETFs coming to market, Luke Martin posed a thought-provoking question during a recent Stacks podcast, asking why Wall Street would stop at Bitcoin ETFs, especially considering their runaway success.


3AC co-founder Su Zhu agreed with Martin, stating that altcoin ETFs are inevitable as the SEC “won’t want to fight fights it can’t win.” However, Zhu tempered his outlook, suggesting that while initial altcoin ETF launches may experience a significant pump, akin to the cannabis stock frenzy, the effect could dissipate for latecomers as the novelty wears off and market dynamics shift. 

On the Flipside

  • The odds of an Ethereum ETF being approved were slashed to 25% owing to renewed doubts about ETH‘s securities status.
  • A token’s commodity status is not necessarily an automatic green light for ETF approval.
  • Investor appetite for a Litecoin ETF remains speculative at this stage, with institutions‘ actual appetite yet to be determined.

Why This Matters

The prospect of a Litecoin ETF holds immense significance. An SEC-approved product would legitimize Litecoin as a mainstream investment asset, potentially drawing billions in institutional capital to catalyze widespread adoption and cement Litecoin’s position in the crypto hierarchy, which has been on the wane in recent years.

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