Kraken’s Sudden Suspension of 5 Coins Leaves Canada in Awe

In response to evolving Canadian regulations, Kraken, a leading crypto exchange, is set to suspend transactions involving five major cryptocurrencies.

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  • Kraken has made a bold move in Canada, responding intriguingly to shifting regulations.
  • Kraken has carefully outlined a timeline for impending asset changes, with suspensions on the horizon.
  • Similar actions have resonated within the industry, major exchanges having already taken similar steps.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has revealed its decision to suspend transactions involving five cryptocurrencies in Canada. This noteworthy move, slated for implementation by the end of November, will impact prominent digital assets, namely Tether (USDT), Dai, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Wrapped Ether (WETH), and Wrapped Axelar (WAXL). 

Canada’s Regulatory Changes Drive Strategic Shift for Kraken

Kraken’s strategic shift appears to be a direct response to the evolving regulatory landscape in Canada. It should come as no surprise to the Canadian crypto community, as several exchanges have made similar choices in 2023, mirroring a wider trend driven by regulatory adjustments. 


Earlier in the year, Coinbase generated headlines by ceasing the trading of USDT, DAI, and RAI, a move that echoed the actions of, which had already delisted USDT. While some platforms are adapting their asset offerings, others have opted to exit the Canadian market altogether. 

Renowned exchanges like OKX and Binance have chosen to halt their operations in Canada, with OKX discontinuing its Canadian services in June and Binance announcing plans for withdrawal in May. Kraken isn’t departing from the Canadian market; they are merely suspending transactions linked to a specific set of assets.

Kraken Outlines Timeline for Crypto Asset Suspensions

Numerous Kraken customers have received emails outlining the impending suspension of the specific crypto assets. Kraken plans to initiate the suspension process for these five cryptocurrencies in the coming month.

Kraken has communicated a well-defined timeline to its users regarding these suspensions. Commencing on November 30th, deposit and trading functions for the mentioned assets will be temporarily halted. Progressing to December 4th, users will be prohibited from executing withdrawals for these assets. 

On the Flipside

  • Kraken’s decision to suspend these specific cryptocurrencies is a proactive response to potential regulatory concerns, ensuring they remain compliant with evolving Canadian regulations.
  • Kraken isn’t the only exchange taking such actions. Several other exchanges, including Coinbase and, have also made similar moves to address regulatory changes.

Why This Matters

Kraken’s decision to suspend transactions for these five cryptocurrencies in Canada reflects the ongoing ripple effect of regulatory changes in the crypto landscape. It underscores the industry’s need to adapt and comply with evolving regulations, ultimately shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading in Canada.


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