Did Solana Upgrade? Blockchain Data Reveals the Real Picture

Did Solana get a speed upgrade? Users report lightning-fast speeds, but blockchain data tells a different story.

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  • Delve into recent claims regarding Solana’s upgrade. 
  • Users are reporting lightning-fast speeds. 
  • Blockchain data reveals something different than what users are reporting. 

The crypto community is no stranger to the allure of rapid developments. Recently, videos have surfaced on social media showcasing swift transactions on Solana’s network. This has led some users to speculate on a potential network upgrade. However, on-chain data shows that the reason behind these swift transactions is different. 

Digging into Solana’s Alleged Speed Upgrade

On Thursday, September 28, social media platforms were flooded with videos demonstrating remarkably quick transfers on Solana’s network. The viral videos have spurred discussions among crypto enthusiasts as they speculate about a potential upgrade that has boosted Solana’s transaction speed.

The widespread sharing of these videos has painted a picture of a significant upgrade, leading to a ripple of excitement across forums and crypto discussion groups. 

Debunking the Speed Upgrade Claims

However, amidst the growing buzz, a discerning user has come forward to challenge the claims of an upgrade. The user explains that the apparent increase in speed is not due to a network upgrade but rather a change in the app’s User Interface (UI).

The argument posits that the app’s UI now triggers on receipt rather than finality, giving the illusion of faster transactions. This nuanced yet significant difference plays a crucial role in understanding the true nature of Solana’s transaction speed.

To substantiate the argument, one can turn to Solana’s blockchain explorer, a tool that provides a transparent view of transactions on the network. 

The debunking serves as a reality check, reminding the crypto community how easy it is for disinformation to spread across social media.

On the Flipside

  • Speed is the main selling point for Solana, often calling itself the fastest Layer-1 blockchain. 
  • The Solana Foundation did not claim that the network underwent an upgrade.

Why This Matters

The alleged Solana upgrade stirred excitement, showcasing how perceptions can drive discussions and potentially influence decisions in the crypto realm.

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