DailyCoin’s Top 5 New Crypto Projects of 2021

DailyCoin has chosen the top 5 projects that showed up this year and took the crypto market by storm.

2021 was a huge year for cryptocurrency – the total market capitalization of the industry reached $3 billion in November, and roughly 300 million people own digital assets with over 18,000 businesses now accepting payment in crypto. Blockchain is growing at a rapid speed, and thus new projects are emerging. DailyCoin has chosen the top 5 projects that showed up this year and took the crypto market by storm.


#5 My Neighbor Alice

The initial launch date for blockchain builder game ‘My Neighbor Alice’ is 2022, yet it already has many supporters who are impatiently waiting for the game to come out, including more than 150K followers on Twitter! 


My Neighbor Alice received a metaverse grant of $80 million and has already made successful NFT sales. The game is based on the Chromia blockchain and is a part of The Sandbox’s metaverse. In My Neighbor Alice, players will be able to purchase virtual islands, collect unique items, and meet other player avatars, all while enjoying the perks of the play-to-earn model.

At the time of writing, the ALICE token has a market cap of $371 million and is trading at $12.15.


#4 Illuvium

Illuvium is a blockchain-based fantasy battle game, inhabited by creatures named ‘Illuvials.’ The game features a 3D environment and is a combination of an open-world exploration game and a PVP minion battle game. Other unique traits include Layer-2 Integration, The IlluviDEX, (a built-in decentralized exchange platform), and the Yield Farming program. 


Like My Neighbor Alice, Illuvium hasn’t launched yet but it is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022. On Twitter, the game has over 200K supporters; the market cap of ILV token has reached $714 million, and its current price is $1113.70 as of this writing.


#3 Flow

Flow’s ecosystem features a fast, decentralized, developer-friendly blockchain, and metaverse known as the ‘Flowverse.’ The blockchain hosts a range of NFT projects, one of which is CryptoKitties, a collection of digital cats, and the world’s first ERC-721 token. 

FLOW coin was exceptionally volatile during its first year of existence, spiking in the first half of 2021, though it experienced its lowest point of $6.67 at the end of June before recovering once more. FLOW is currently trading at $8,37 with a $2.6 billion market cap. Flow is also the 4th largest blockchain by NFT sales volume.


#2 Internet Computer

Internet Computer was launched on May 10th, 2021, and is part of the DFINITY Foundation. The Layer 1 solution’s powerful, general-purpose blockchain has an unlimited environment for smart contracts, boasting that it is completely decentralized and provides infinite scalability for dApps. According to the DFINITY webpage, Internet Computer runs at high speeds and significantly reduces computation costs.

The ICP token enjoyed a great start to its lifecycle, recording a price of $460 in May 2021, yet the coin’s value has since dropped to 23,08$, as of this writing. The coin still ranks highly, and ICP is 39th in rankings by CoinMarketCap.


#1 Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT apes based on the Ethereum blockchain. The avatars are generated randomly and have over 170 unique traits, with some being rarer than others.

BAYC has achieved astonishing results in only a few months since its release in September 2021. In October, the project reached $542 million raised in sales, and the company is planning to launch a native token in the first quarter of 2022. 

BAYC milestone: a rare Bored Ape NFT sold at auction for a record $3.4 million.

Why You Should Care?

The range of successful projects released only this year shows just how much potential they, and indeed the entire crypto market has, and they will only grow in the upcoming year. 

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.