DailyCoin Cardano Regular: ADA Holds $0.5, USDC Calls Irk Hoskinson, Catalyst Vote Opens

ADA stands tall above $0.5, USDC pressures gets to Hoskinson, and more on Project Catalyst Fund 11.

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  • Cardano is once again standing tall. 
  • Cardano’s resilience around the $0.5 support has injected optimism in market participants. 
  • The following weeks will decide if Cardano dips lower or charges towards new highs.

Cardano’s performance in January has been far from expected, as ADA displays a resilient dance around the $0.5 price level. Just as uncertainty gripped market participants, prompting some to offload their holdings, the Whales have come to the rescue, gobbling up all available liquidity. 

As the market teases the possibility of a bullish rally, ADA holders are caught in a wave of anticipation. DailyCoin expert analyst Insha Zia is here to shed light on these unfolding developments and provide valuable insights into what the upcoming weeks might hold for Cardano enthusiasts.

News and Events: Understanding the Impact

Cardano Orchestrates a Set of Recoveries

Cardano’s January performance has been a captivating dance, challenging investor expectations as ADA gracefully twirled around the $0.5 support. Despite its strong start in 2024, it repeatedly dipped below support over the past month, sparking concerns among holders.


However, in a display of rhythmic resilience, Cardano managed to choreograph remarkable recoveries each time it slipped. Since the last DailyCoin regular, ADA tumbled below $0.5 two times, reaching $0.47.

However, each time, ADA Whales intervened, lifting Cardano back above support. According to on-chain data, the $0.47 to $0.49 range appears to be favored by Whales, who accumulate in substantial amounts when ADA hovers around this level.

Given the set of recoveries Cardano delivered in the past month, it’s clear the Whales are not letting Cardano dip below $0.5 without a fight.

USDC Demand Pressure Gets to Charles Hoskinson

The rallying cry for a fiat-backed stablecoin on Cardano has reached a crescendo, with the community passionately advocating for the integration of USDC into the network.


Amid Circle’s expanding presence across various blockchain platforms, community members have not only highlighted the myriad benefits but have also presented a series of demands to Cardano executives. Some even suggested that Circle apply for Catalyst Funding.

However, in response to the mounting requests for USDC, Charles Hoskinson introduced an intriguing perspective. The Cardano Founder emphasized that the continued demand for the stablecoin stems from a ‘wrong mindset.’

Hoskinson noted Cardano’s distinctive features, boasting a treasury and a robust community governance structure. He proposed a more nuanced approach, suggesting direct communication with the relevant parties overseeing the network. This involves obtaining quotes from Circle and a community vote to endorse the proposed plan and allocate funding.

The Cardano Founder concluded that having someone spend ten million dollars and do all the work is not an optimal path forward for having USDC on the network.

Project Catalyst Fund 11 

Project Catalyst is gearing up to onboard the next cohort of innovative projects and initiatives on Cardano with its latest funding round, Fund 11. Following intense months of proposals and submissions, the grant recently launched its community voting stage. Users have until February 8 to vote for their favorite proposals.

Despite Fund 11 maintaining a funding pool similar to the previous round at 50 million ADA, it introduces a host of new features, categories, and a revamped approach.

Among the major changes are reducing the number of categories, eliminating downvoting, and limiting the number of proposals a single candidate can submit to a maximum of five. For more detailed information about these changes, you can read DailyCoin’s rundown on Fund11.

Fund 11 has already proven successful, with over 164,000 votes cast at the time of writing across 900 proposals.

Cardano Foundation Looks Back on 2023

Cardano Foundation had a remarkable journey throughout 2023, marked by a steadfast commitment to operational resilience, education, and blockchain adoption. 

Last year, the non-profit delivered on many initiatives that involved fostering blockchain adoption and establishing pivotal partnerships with governments, enterprises, and institutions, among other exciting developments. 

Here are some of the key campaigns the Cardano Foundation spearheaded in 2023:

  • Supporting the Valentine hard fork on Cardano.
  • Launching its proprietary block producer to enhance technical and operational insights.
  • Hosting the Cardano Summit event in Dubai.
  • Developing impactful use cases, exemplified by the Global Impact Challenge with Switzerland for UNHCR.
  • Creating services and APIs to bolster the development of enterprise-grade Cardano applications.
  • Unveiling the new open-source programming language, Aiken, to streamline the smart contract development experience.

Heading into 2024, the Cardano Foundation is confident in maintaining momentum. It aims to explore exponential technologies, fortify its infrastructure, and enhance existing systems to continue its trailblazing journey in blockchain.

Current Outlook

Since the beginning of this year, Cardano seems to be testing the waters rather than making a grand entrance. ADA’s performance in January has been subdued, with the token dipping below the $0.5 support multiple times and casting a shadow over the market sentiment.

However, interestingly, in this ongoing saga, whenever Cardano slipped below $0.5, ADA Whales played a superhero role, swooping in to scoop up tokens and breathe life back into the market. Following this dance between Whales making moves and anxious traders making exits, Cardano is again standing tall.

Cardano price chart.

ADA is currently back above the $0.5 mark, trading at $0.51 at press time and flaunting a daily trading volume exceeding half a billion dollars. Cardano’s resilience around the $0.5 level implies that the thirst for ADA is very much alive.

As we navigate the weeks ahead, ADA must rebuild its once-dominant bullish stance and regain investor confidence. If Cardano holds its ground above $0.5, ADA could likely charge toward the previous year’s high and potentially the $1 mark. 

Conversely, if Cardano struggles to solidify $0.5 as robust support, ADA could navigate between $0.44 and $0.5 or potentially dip lower if the Whales decide to stay on the sidelines. 

On the Flipside

  • Market dynamics can be unpredictable, so it is essential to consider alternative perspectives and opinions when evaluating the potential future performance of ADA.
  • ADA is already down 20% this year. 
  • Project Catalyst has distributed over $54 million in funding so far. 
  • Cardano’s yearly growth for 2023 closed at 170%. 

Why This Matters

Cardano is back in the bullish lane, and the following weeks are pivotal for ADA to solidify investor confidence and sustain its current momentum. Anticipated new developments and milestones could provide the catalyst Cardano needs, propelling it forward with increased momentum.

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