CZ Reveals Binance’s Plans of Exploring New Stablecoin Partnerships

Binance forges ahead with stablecoin partnerships, aiming for Euro-based digital asset exploration.

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  • An AMA session with CZ has revealed insights into Binance’s stablecoin partnerships.
  • Binance has experienced a remarkable surge in new institutional interest.
  • Binance has set its sights on a Euro-based stablecoin.

Binance, the renowned digital asset exchange, stands at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. Amidst ongoing legal battles and regulatory scrutiny, the company’s founder, Changpeng Zhao, took to an Ask-Me-Anything session on July 31st to shed light on the latest developments and strategic plans.

Despite facing headwinds from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit, Binance remains resolute in exploring new stablecoin partnerships and forging collaborations with traditional financial payment service companies in the UK and Europe. 

Binance Attracts New Collaborations and Explores New Growth

He shed light on the stablecoin landscape, stating that apart from the already existing First Digital USD (FDUSD), additional stablecoin partners are lined up for collaboration with Binance. 


In the face of recent partner departures, Binance has witnessed a notable surge in interest from new institutions eager to collaborate with the platform. While these changes have prompted the company to explore fresh growth opportunities, Binance remains committed to addressing challenges and bolstering its reputation in the market.

Acknowledging the significance of stable partnerships, Binance’s team actively works to resolve issues and find innovative solutions. They aim to enhance user experience and rebuild trust within the cryptocurrency community.

Binance is exploring the possibility of a Euro-based stablecoin, presenting an intriguing endeavor into currency-backed digital assets. This bold exploration showcases Binance’s approach to embracing novel opportunities while managing the inherent risks of each potential option.


CZ goes on to discuss various other topics within the crypto industry; to hear it for yourself, listen here:

On the Flipside

  • Exploring a Euro-based stablecoin also comes with inherent risks, as the European financial landscape and regulations can be complex and pose challenges for such initiatives. 
  • It’s worth noting that the FDUSD stablecoin, which Binance introduced, has only existed since the 26th of July, giving it a relatively short time to experience the market dynamics and potential challenges.

Why This Matters

Binance, as the largest cryptocurrency exchange, holds immense influence over the market. Its commitment to forging stablecoin partnerships and exploring Euro-based stablecoins demonstrates a bold approach, which can potentially shape the future of digital assets.

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