Crypto Market Making Needs More Transparency: Kairon Labs

Amidst the FTX collapse, the need for ethical market-making in crypto is more apparent than ever.

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  • Transparency in the crypto market is more important than ever, Kairon Labs says. 
  • The FTX collapse and lawsuits against SEC and Binance highlight the need for trust in the crypto space.
  • Kairon Labs responds with a rebrand focused on transparency and reliability.

Still recovering from the FTX collapse, the crypto industry has taken another major hit in the form of a lawsuit against Binance. Market Maker Kairos Labs argues that these scandals showcase the need for transparency in the crypto space. 

The Need for Ethical Market Making

The crypto market has witnessed tremendous growth and volatility in recent years. While this has presented lucrative opportunities, it has also raised concerns regarding market manipulation and unfair practices


As the industry matures, there is a growing need for responsible actors to step up and establish ethical standards that safeguard investor interests.

Jens Willemen, Co-Founder of Kairon Labs, emphasized restoring trust and credibility in the crypto space. 

"We firmly believe that ethical market making is not only crucial for the sustainable growth of the industry but also for protecting the interests of all market participants,” Willemen underlined.

Kairon Labs’ Rebranding for Transparency

In response to the need for ethical market-making, Kairon Labs has undergone a rebranding. The core of the new Kairon Labs brand is a deep commitment to transparency. 

The company understands the importance of building trust with its clients and partners and has made it a top priority to provide clear and accurate information about its market-making services.

“We wanted our new look to reflect what we have been passionately doing for the past few years,” said Willemen, “with a bolder and stronger approach towards innovation, reliability, and integrity.”

On the Flipside

  • Trust and transparency have been critical issues for crypto, as the industry suffers from scams, hacks, and rug pulls
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) advocates point to DeFi as a solution to transparency issues in finance. 

Why This Matters

Transparency helps protect traders from potential abuses by trading platforms and other entities. 


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