Craig Wright Vows to Appeal Damning “Not Satoshi” Verdict

Undeterred by a written verdict exposing his forged evidence, Craig Wright doubles down on debunked Satoshi claims, vows to appeal.

Craig Wright wearing a bag on his head in court with the message '' I'm not, not Wright, nor wrong''
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  • Judge Mellor delivered the final written verdict in the COPA vs Craig Wright case, expressing zero doubts about Wright’s dishonesty.
  • Craig Wright ruled to have forged every piece of evidence submitted to the court.
  • The computer scientist remained defiant, stating that he would launch an appeal.

In a stunning blow to Craig Wright’s long-standing claims of being Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the UK High Court sided against the Australian computer scientist on March 14. The legal case was brought by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA,) and sought to challenge Wright’s copyright claims on the Bitcoin whitepaper.


The final written verdict was released on May 20, detailing Judge Mellor’s unequivocal agreement that all of the evidence Wright had submitted to support his arguments was forged. Nonetheless, shortly after the written ruling was released, Wright took to X, stating his intention to appeal.

Craig Wright to Appeal

In response to the final written verdict detailing COPA’s victory, Wright took to X to publicize his intent to appeal and thank his supporters throughout this process. “I fully intend to appeal the decision of the court on the matter of the identity issue,” he stated in an X post.

In the aftermath of the March 14 ruling, Wright stated that he would consider his options after the final written verdict was released. But now the written verdict has been handed down, it is clear Wright intends to maintain the fight for his Satoshi identity claim, despite the huge weight of evidence against his claims.

Wright’s supporters responded with comments dismissing the written verdict, with one stating “Britain is now officially the laughing stock of the World,” as well as allegations that the judge is in cahoots with COPA. 

Others, however, gloated at the written judgment eviscerating Wright’s claims. “COPA judgement is in, in summary, Craig Wright is a lying pr*ck,” tweeted podcaster Peter McCormack, while Casa CSO Jameson Lopp simply wrote “Craig Wright totally, utterly, legally rekt.”

Judge Mellor Is in No Doubt

In the COPA vs. Craig Wright case, Wright’s claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto rested on multiple documents submitted as evidence, including materials related to the authorship of the Bitcoin whitepaper and computer files that purportedly demonstrated timelines supporting this narrative.


However, the written verdict systematically dismantled Wright’s case, documenting the judge’s agreement with each COPA claim that the evidence Wright had submitted was forged.

Even more damningly, the judge concluded Wright was responsible for forging the evidence, saying, “I find without hesitation that Dr. Wright was responsible for each of the forgeries,” or that others who may have been involved were acting under Wright’s “detailed direction.”

Compounding the rebuke, the judge dismissed Wright’s explanations and excuses for the document forgeries as “implausible” and “without support in independent expert evidence” provided to the court.

On the Flipside

  • Wright‘s intent to appeal post also contained an out-of-place update on Teranode, which is a Bitcoin SV scaling technology.
  • Moving Satoshi-era BTCs would remove all doubt around Wright’s identity claims.
  • BSV advocate Calvin Ayre, who is assumed to have been bankrolling Wright‘s legal fights, quit social media following the March 14 verdict

Why This Matters

While not necessarily the end of Craig Wright’s Satoshi narrative, the final written verdict exposed the extreme lengths Wright went to fabricate his story.

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