Cardano (ADA) Slips Under $0.6 as Market Backtracks on Gains

The crypto market pours cold water on February’s rallies, sending ADA back under $0.6 in its wake.

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  • Cardano tumbles for the first time this month after kicking off on a promising note.
  • ADA searches for liquidity to rebuild momentum and regain investor confidence. 
  • The following weeks will help assess whether Cardano sustains its bullish structure or digresses. 

The crypto market has been filled with excitement over the past few weeks as Bitcoin and altcoins surged to reach a new yearly high. On Tuesday, Bitcoin soared to $53,000, while Ethereum broke through the $3,000 mark for the first time in two years. Cardano also joined the excitement, peaking at $0.64, sparking hopes among holders for further gains. 

However, just as the market seemed poised for continued growth, it followed its usual pattern, backtracking from its gains and leaving investors apprehensive after the initial optimism. 

Cardano Searches for Liquidity

Cardano kicked off February on a promising note, breaking free from its underwhelming performance in January to establish an exciting bullish trend. Since the month began, ADA has surged by an impressive 45%, leading the top 10 crypto pics as the leading gainer. 


In contrast, despite registering new yearly highs, Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum recorded up to 35% gains. 

Cardano’s resilience in overcoming key resistance levels has fueled optimism among holders. While doubts lingered about ADA’s ability to break through the $0.55 resistance level, it challenged expectations by smashing through $0.6, then $0.61, and peaking at $0.64. 

However, just above the $0.62 price level, Cardano reached an impasse as it struggled to sustain its momentum and initiate another rally. With only a 7% gain standing in its way from its new yearly high, ADA slipped from its bullish trajectory and left a dent at $0.58, where it searched for liquidity. 

Is Cardano Still Bullish? 

Nevertheless, despite investor sentiment leaning bearish, indicated by the negative long-to-short ratio, Cardano’s bullish structure remains intact. The following weeks are pivotal for Cardano to rebuild momentum and regain investor confidence, especially as Bitcoin enters a range. 


In addition to another narrative-driven surprise pump, Bitcoin entering a range is currently the best-case scenario for Cardano because investors can shift their focus and capital to ADA, bolstering its upward trajectory. Conversely, Bitcoin slipping below its support is the worst-case scenario, as it could exert strong downward pressure on Cardano and potentially push it below the $0.55 mark.

On the Flipside

  • Market dynamics can be unpredictable, so it is essential to consider alternative perspectives and opinions when evaluating the potential future performance of ADA.
  • SEC’s approval of Grayscale’s application to convert its Ethereum Trust into spot Ether ETP could spark a similar rally to December 2023, during which ADA gained 75%.
  • DailyCoin expert Kyle Calvert opines Bitcoin’s breakneck rally fueled by ETF inflows, institutional interest, and anticipation of the halving suggests a potential extended bull run; however, he advises caution due to inherent market volatility.

Why This Matters

Cardano’s price performance is an important marker for market participants and ADA holders as it provides opportunities for investors to capitalize on. Pullbacks such as these are crucial for market participants to assess whether it’s time to enter the market.

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