XRP Aims to Outshine BTC Post-Halving: Can It Repeat History?

Could XRP finally outperform Bitcoin in 2024, fueled by the upcoming Bitcoin halving and historical trends?

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  • Historical data has hinted at a potential surge for XRP after the Bitcoin halving.
  • Analysts have predicted a significant price increase based on past market behavior.
  • Technical indicators have suggested a possible price reversal for this digital asset.

While Bitcoin continues its dominance in 2024, with a 60% year-to-date (YTD) gain, its altcoin counterpart, XRP, has lagged behind. However, recent trends suggest a potential turnaround for XRP, particularly following the upcoming Bitcoin halving on April 19.

Will XRP Outperform Bitcoin Again?

Historically, XRP has thrived during periods surrounding Bitcoin halvings. After the third halving in May 2020, the XRP/BTC pair surged over 100%, and a similar jump of 85% occurred after the second halving in July 2016. Analysts believe this pattern could repeat, with XRP potentially outperforming Bitcoin in the coming months.

XRP/BTC Weekly Price Chart.
XRP/BTC Weekly Price Chart. Source: TradingView

This anticipated outperformance stems from a historical trend where investors tend to rotate their holdings from Bitcoin to altcoins following a halving. This phenomenon, often called “altseason,” is fueled by the potential for significant short-term gains in altcoins due to their lower market caps and higher volatility compared to Bitcoin.

Technical indicators suggesting a reversal in XRP’s fortunes add to the bullish sentiment. Since February, the XRP/BTC pair has been trading within a falling wedge pattern, a technical setup that typically precedes a price increase. 

Technical Indicators Suggest Bullish Trend

Applying this pattern to the current trend suggests a potential breakout for XRP/BTC in April or May, with a target price of around 0.00001022 BTC, a 16.75% increase from current levels.

Looking at a broader timeframe, weekly charts project XRP’s price against Bitcoin to reach its 50-week Exponential Moving Average (EMA) by June, marking a significant 70% increase from today’s price. Interestingly, this 50-week EMA has consistently served as a bullish target for traders following the previous two Bitcoin halvings.

While the future remains uncertain, the confluence of historical patterns, technical indicators, and potential post-halving sentiment paints a promising picture for XRP. With the halving event just around the corner, investors are watching closely to see if XRP can indeed capitalize on this opportunity and outperform the market leader.

On the Flipside

  • While XRP has benefited from previous Bitcoin halvings, there’s no guarantee the same pattern will hold true in 2024.
  • Even if an altseason materializes, it doesn’t necessarily mean all altcoins will see gains.
  • Falling wedge patterns and EMAs are helpful technical tools, but they shouldn’t be the sole factors guiding investment decisions.

Why This Matters

This potential resurgence of XRP highlights a recurring trend within the crypto market – altcoin seasons following Bitcoin halvings. If history repeats, XRP could see significant gains not just against the US dollar but also outperform Bitcoin itself, offering investors a chance for substantial returns in the coming months.


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