Cardano’s Hoskinson Confronts Nami’s “Frustrating Issues” 

Cardano’s Hoskinson breaks silence on Nami’s persistent technical glitches and issues.

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  • Glitches and bugs plague Cardano’s latest wallet, Nami. 
  • Charles Hoskinson has stepped in to alleviate the concerns. 
  • Recent issues have dealt a significant blow to Nami’s reliability and credibility. 

Cardano took a major leap in 2023 by acquiring Nami Wallet, hoping to expand its user base and capabilities despite already having an established product. 

However, since the acquisition, Nami has been disappointing, as it has experienced persistent technical glitches and issues that have left users increasingly frustrated and concerned. In response, Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has stepped in to address the situation, assuring users that an investigation is underway.

Charles Hoskinson’s Nami Intervention

Recent user reports highlighted Nami’s struggles fetching ADAHandles, with many experiencing input lags, leading to a temporary shutdown of the feature until the team deploys a viable solution. For those unaware, ADAHandles are personalized and unique handles for Cardano wallet addresses. 


Charles Hoskinson took to X to address the community’s frustration and the persistent glitches. He reassured users that the issues were isolated to Nami users, with Lace, the other wallet, remaining unaffected.

Hoskinson advised Nami users to take a temporary break while the team investigated. He acknowledged the community’s frustration and explained that Cardano acquired Nami to overhaul it with IOG’s engineering standards. However, the updates take time, and bugs as such are common. 

The crypto pundit urged community members to refrain from airing their grievances on Twitter and use proper support channels. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Hoskinson has personally defended Nami. 

Community Members Unhappy With Nami Acquisition

Initially, community members were unhappy with Nami’s acquisition, with many critics labeling it an affront to Cardano’s decentralized ethos, expressing concerns about the consolidation of influence and reduced competition within the wallet sector. 


Adding to the complexity, community members also voiced concerns about Cardano’s Lace Wallet and its relevance in future plans. With both Lace and Nami serving as simple lite wallets, uncertainty arose regarding the rationale behind the Nami acquisition.

Hoskinson defended the acquisition by addressing these concerns, emphasizing its necessity for accelerating adoption.

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

Nami’s acquisition has long faced criticism from the Cardano community, with critics downplaying its significance within the ecosystem. However, recent developments have significantly affected the wallet’s reliability and credibility despite Charles Hoskinson’s attempts to alleviate concerns.

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