Cardano CEO Blasts Nami Acquisition Critics as “Drama Queens”

Charles Hoskinson dismisses the push back against the Nami acquisition, saying it’s a positive development.

Charles Hoskinson envisions Cardano big and shiny.
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  • Input Output acquires Nami Wallet.
  • The acquisition drew pushback from some Cardano community members.
  • Charles Hoskinson plays down the criticisms.

From wallets to DEXs, NFTs to DeFi, Cardano’s ecosystem has blossomed into a vibrant landscape filled with hundreds of projects for staking, swapping, gaming, and more. This ever-expanding community reflects the growth of Cardano into a versatile, feature-rich blockchain filled with open-source independent projects.

However, the recent acquisition of Nami Wallet by Input Output (IO) has sparked heated debate within the Cardano community. IO CEO Charles Hoskinson called the pushback confusing, given the expansion potential afforded by the acquisition. Nonetheless, critics argue that the move is a net negative for Cardano’s decentralized landscape.

Nami Acquisition Critics Take Aim

Critics have labeled the Nami acquisition an affront to Cardano’s decentralized ethos, expressing concerns about the consolidation of influence and reduced competition within the wallet sector. 


IO’s acquisition of Nami sends out the wrong signals on objectivity, according to Twitter user “Dave,” who has over 17k followers. He also expressed concerns about the long-term implications for the Cardano wallet space and voiced worries about a potential monopoly in the making.

Similarly, questions have been raised about how IO’s recently launched Lace Wallet will fit into its plans, as both Lace and Nami are simple lite wallets. Cardano Yoda chimed into this debate by expressing uncertainty about the seemingly nonsensical motives and intentions behind the Nami acquisition.

Despite the pushback and uncertainty, Hoskinson fired back, stating that he was baffled by the hostility towards positive developments within the Cardano ecosystem. 

Cardano Founder Responds

Replying to the pushback and uncertainty, Hoskinson argued that moves like buying Nami Wallet will bring new users and capabilities into the Cardano ecosystem. He contended that IO aims to accelerate adoption by expanding its products and services, including further developing a “great simple user experience” in the case of Nami.


Concluding his response, the IO CEO led a rallying cry for the naysayers to “stop being drama queens,” reminding them that IO is here to build with the view to achieving its goal of “going for number 1”.

On the Flipside

  • There are non-IO-controlled wallets within the ecosystem, including Eternl, Typhon, and Flint, giving skeptics many alternative options.
  • Nami Wallet is known for its user-friendly and simple approach. The acquisition may signal an acknowledgment that Cardano’s “scientific approach” alienates the masses.

Why This Matters

Nami’s acquisition by IO highlights philosophically divergent tensions as Cardano evolves. Pragmatism around growth and competition now confronts the project’s ideals around decentralization. Striking the right balance will shape Cardano’s ability to achieve its goal of displacing other blockchains.

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