Cardano Gaming Goes Interoperable Through Paima Layer-2 Launch

As a layer 2 integration, there are a lot less security risks to consider.

A man in a gaming chair flying on giant Cardano ADA token.
  • Paima’s Layer-2 offers two-way interoperability for on-chain gaming on Cardano.
  • The Layer-2 does not use briding and is non-custodial, mitigating security risks.
  • This integration is one of several in recent weeks for Cardano, bolstering its offerings. 

Onchain gaming is still an emerging niche of the blockchain ecosystem that has several hurdles to overcome, notably interoperability and ease for users to play blockchain-based games across networks without the need to bridge tokens. 

Cardano has bolstered its potential as a destination for blockchain gaming with cross-chain network integration, allowing its users to play any on-chain games using ADA tokens. Paima’s Layer-2 creates an interoperable link that goes both ways, also opening up Cardano-based games to any network user. 

Play Through Paima 

Paima Studios announced the integration with Cardano on Monday, April 3, boasting about the interoperable capabilities as well as its potential to work with any Web2 language and any gaming engine. Because Paima is a Layer-2, it operates like an independent network that bundles transactions to a blockchain for faster speeds and cheaper costs.


Cardano users will have a much bigger pool of blockchain games to play without exchanging or bridging tokens to another network. Bridging also brings inherent security risks, which will be mitigated with this integration

Paima also explained that all games on the network are non-custodial; another added security measure allowing funds to remain in user wallets and not transferred to the game’s wallets.

Cardano on the Move

Cardano has been making a number of network improvements. Milkomeda, another Layer-2 network, was also integrated last week.


Through Milkomeda Cardano, users will be able to gain access to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts with any ADA wallet.

On the Flipside

  • It was revealed in February that Paima Studios would participate in a new Web3 initiative from Microsoft. The studio would join the tech giant’s startup program to help Japanese game developers and Web3 entrepreneurs deploy the Paima Engine in their applications.

Why You Should Care

Blockchain gaming is a sector that holds tremendous potential. The global gaming sector continues to expand, and blockchain has been theorized as an appropriate technology to take it into Web3, but many teething issues need to be solved before it goes mainstream. 

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