Darryn Pollock

Darryn Pollock

Crypto Reporter


Darryn Pollock is a South African-born, UK-based cryptocurrency news journalist and content writer for DailyCoin. Darryn has a special interest in regulation and legislation revolving around the cryptocurrency space, and is interested in the approach that policymakers are taking globally to this ecosystem. For DailyCoin, Darryn has extensively covered the evolving crypto regulatory space, and examined on how the U.S. has approached law-making thus far as it aims to offer protection in the growth of innovation.

Darryn has been involved in the crypto and blockchain reporting scene since late 2016, watching the highs and lows of this nascent space as it broke into mainstream focus before Joining DailyCoin in 2023. Before covering crypto, Darryn was a sports reporter, but his love of technology and the desire to cover a new and emerging technology drove him to get deeper involved. Darryn values the traditional journalistic principles of truth, accuracy, independence, fairness, and impartiality, but also likes approaching stories with an analytical eye to understand the greater impact one piece of news can have.

Darryn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Law from Rhodes University in South Africa. Supplementing his formal training in journalism, Darryn has also paired his legal studies and understanding of the law into expert coverage of the policy-making and legislation on crypto.

Darryn has been living in the UK since 2019, but still enjoys traveling, especially throughout Europe. He also enjoys gaming and getting outdoors, either to be in nature, or to play any sport that is on offer.