Bugatti and Asprey Unveil Most Expensive Bitcoin NFT Collection

Bugatti and Asprey are collaborating once again in a luxury Bitcoin NFT project featuring an intricate carbon egg.

Rich man looking at Asprey Bugatti Bitcoin NFT.
  • Bugatti and Asprey are launching one of the most expensive Bitcoin NFT collections. 
  • The Buggati NFT will come with a physical counterpart.

Bugatti is known for its luxury goods. The company’s founders started as sculptors in the 1800s before moving to manufacture high-end cars. After creating some of the world’s fastest and most luxurious vehicles, Buggatti has its sights on Web3. 

In line with its costly array of products, the luxury automaker looks to release one of the most expensive NFT collections on Bitcoin. 

An Expensive Egg

On Tuesday, April 4, Buggatti and luxury brand Asprey unveiled the Asprey Bugatti Egg collection, featuring 111 Bitcoin NFT-backed luxury eggs. Like its lineup of expensive cars, the eggs will cost a fortune, selling for $20-50 thousand apiece, depending on the item number. 


This is the second collaboration between the two luxury brands. In April 2022, Asprey released a collaborative NFT-backed jewelry collection featuring Bugatti’s Voiture Noire. 

Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer of Asprey Studio, reported that eggs one to one hundred from the collection would cost between $20-50 thousand. In contrast, eggs 100 to 111 would be valued at over $200 thousand. 

Bugatti and Asprey justified the high price of the ornaments with the quality of the materials used for the Bitcoin NFT’s physical counterparts. Using a lengthy and intricate process, the designer molded the eggs into their perfect shape, crafting them from carbon fiber. 

Asprey Bugatti Bitcoin NFT Egg

Asprey Bugatti Bitcoin NFT Egg Source: Asprey


Walker added that each egg would be encased in a sterling silver diamond weave lattice, along with other sophisticated details highlighting Asprey’s craftsmanship. 

The egg’s surface would also display memorabilia true to the Bugatti brand. This includes designs such as Rembrandt Bugatti’s “dancing elephant’ and the bonnet of Bugatti Type 41 Royale.

The two brands have yet to decide on a mint date. However, the companies could launch the collection at the opening of Asprey Studio Gallery in April 2023. In addition, the designers have shared the eggs can take up to 12 months to deliver, considering the tedious process. 

On the Flipside

  • Asprey sold a 24k rose gold Bugatti sculptor for $460 thousand in June 2022. 
  • Competitor luxury car maker Porsche debuted its NFT collection in 2023. Users minted only 16% of the collection. 

Why You Should Care

Bugatti is one of the most luxurious car makers in the world, known for its cult-like following. The automaker often connects with its club members via exclusive meetings and exhibitions. The move to Web3 using NFTs could help the car manufacturer employ other means to connect with its loyal fan base. 

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