Blockchain Security Firm Unveils APT Attack by Lazarus Group

North Korean Lazarus Group’s cunning attack method is exposed.

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  • SlowMist revealed the Lazarus Group’s attack method.
  • The hacker group has orchestrated multiple hacks and attacks in the crypto industry.
  • The group has looted over $2 billion in funds and assets.

The persistent threat of cyberattacks in the cryptocurrency industry looms large, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the digital realm. In this regard, the notorious North Korean-backed Lazarus Group has been ever-present, consistently exploiting major crypto organizations.


The transparent nature of the blockchain allows many of these attacks to be investigated, however, and recently, a blockchain security firm was successfully able to peel away the layers of attack often adopted by the Lazarus Group.

Lazarus Group’s Tactics Revealed

Cybersecurity firm SlowMist has unveiled a recent advanced persistent threat (APT) attack on the cryptocurrency industry, believed to be orchestrated by the notorious North Korea-linked hacking group Lazarus. 

Infamous for a string of sophisticated cyberattacks, the group has employed a stealthy approach to gain access and exploit crypto structures. These attacks use an intricate web of deception, real-person authentication, and Trojan malware designed to infiltrate cryptocurrency organizations and steal funds.

According to SlowMist, the attackers begin by concealing their identities and deceiving auditors by passing real-person authentication checks, appearing as legitimate customers.

Upon entry, the attackers proceed with the deposit of real funds, solidifying their fake customer identities. 


This allows the group to interact with official personnel before deploying customized Trojans specifically designed for Mac and Windows systems to carry out a breach, providing access to the organization’s intranet.

The group lurks in the shadows and maintains its covert presence for some time before making illicit movements with huge sums.

The Lazarus group has been responsible for several high-profile cyber attacks and hacks, including the $100m Harmony hack, the $41m Heist, the $625 million Ronin Hack, and several others, amassing a staggering total of over 2 billion USD in assets and funds.

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