BlackRock and Ark Hold Private Bitcoin ETF Talks with SEC

Recent discussions between major financial entities and the SEC shed light on the uncertain fate of Bitcoin ETF approvals.

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  • Major financial players and the SEC have engaged in high-stakes discussions over a spot Bitcoin ETF.
  • The quest for approval has reached a pivotal point with the redefinition of redemption models.
  • The debate surrounding in-kind versus cash redemption methods has added layers of complexity.

Representatives from BlackRock and the Nasdaq recently held talks with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about allowing the creation of a spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF).

SEC Decision on BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust Looms

In a memo released by the SEC on November 20, it was disclosed that BlackRock put forward a plan outlining the potential use of either an in-kind or in-cash redemption model for its iShares Bitcoin Trust. 


The SEC’s stance on these models remains undisclosed, adding uncertainty to the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, which has faced delays and rejections. There are signs that the SEC might be close to making a decision, and if they give the green light, it could be a big step toward wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, on November 20, SEC officials met with representatives from Grayscale to discuss the company’s efforts to list a Bitcoin ETF. BlackRock clarified its position on redemption requirements in its filing, addressing how it would manage investors looking to exit and redeem their shares.

BlackRock and Ark Push for In-kind Bitcoin ETF Redemptions

Redemptions currently present an obstacle to approval, with issuers pushing back against the SEC’s preference for cash redemption. Cash redemption involves the fund company selling investors’ shares and giving them the value in cash. BlackRock and Ark, both vying for approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF, are also advocating for in-kind redemption.

In this process, market makers receive Bitcoin in return, which is later sold for cash. BlackRock highlighted this method in its SEC presentation. In-kind redemptions could also provide tax efficiency by avoiding the need to sell securities for redemptions, potentially triggering capital gains taxes.

On the Flipside

  • The SEC’s cautious approach to approving a spot Bitcoin ETF is warranted due to the volatility and regulatory uncertainties surrounding the cryptocurrency market.
  • While in-kind redemptions may offer certain advantages, they could also introduce complexities in valuation and potential exposure to illiquid assets in the ETF.

Why This Matters

The ongoing discussions between BlackRock, Nasdaq, and the SEC regarding a potential spot Bitcoin ETF signal a pivotal moment in mainstream crypto adoption. If approved, this move could herald increased accessibility to Bitcoin investment, potentially reshaping how investors engage with cryptocurrencies on a broader scale.


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