Bitcoin Stalemate Persists as Liquidity Builds Around $69,000

Bitcoin hovers near $69,000, a critical price point for bulls hoping to trigger a breakout and extend the rally.

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  • Bitcoin has not broken out yet, despite bulls hoping for a critical level trigger.
  • The upcoming week’s price action could be crucial, the U.S. market closure could put a damper on trading activity.
  • A decisive close above $69,000 would help set the tone for the upcoming month.

This weekend, Bitcoin (BTC) danced around a critical price point: $69,000. It’s a level that has bulls chomping at the bit, eager to see a breakout and a continuation of the rally. The weekly close is fast approaching, and Bitcoin’s performance in the next few days could be a significant indicator of what’s to come. Here’s what’s on the radar:

Bitcoin Stalls, Will Bulls Break Through?

The data is clear: we’ve seen strong attempts to push past $69,500, but there’s a thick wall of resistance. Liquidity is building on both sides of the order book, with $68,300 and $69,800 acting as key levels to watch.


A breakout above $69,000 and flipping it into support is crucial for further bullish momentum. However, the U.S. market closure for Memorial Day could put a damper on trading activity, possibly leading to a consolidation phase for Bitcoin. Some analysts suggest this phase could last “several more weeks.”

Despite these challenges, it’s encouraging that Bitcoin seems to have avoided the post-halving price slump that typically follows block subsidy reductions, like the one that occurred last April. Nevertheless, there are still hurdles to overcome.

Can Bulls Break Through Resistance?

The resistance around $71,500 could prove to be a major obstacle. This price point coincides with the range high of the macro re-accumulation range, an area where Bitcoin previously faced rejection.

Historically, May hasn’t been the kindest month to Bitcoin. Data suggests a potential red close for May, mirroring the trend of the past three years. So, what’s the call? 


While the upcoming week might be quieter due to the holiday, it’s still crucial. A decisive weekly close above $69,000 would be a significant win for the bulls. But if resistance holds and Bitcoin falls back into the $60,000-$70,000 range, a red May close and potentially extended consolidation could be on the cards.

On the Flipside

  • A successful break above $69,000 could incentivize investors who bought earlier at lower price points to take profits.
  • While some indicators suggest bullish momentum, others remain neutral or even slightly bearish. A decisive break above resistance is needed for a clearer technical picture.
  • Bitcoin’s dominance in the overall cryptocurrency market has been declining due to a surge in the popularity of Ethereum, driven by the recent ETF approval.

Why This Matters

Bitcoin’s struggle to breach the $69,000 resistance could signal a period of consolidation or even a correction, potentially mirroring past Mays and impacting the overall market sentiment.  A decisive break above this level, however, would be a bullish victory, potentially reversing the historical trend and paving the way for further price increases.

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